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5 Ways Our Clients Describe Us… Time And Time Again

March 1, 2024

The Top 5 Words And Phrases You’ll See In Our Reviews

At Avalon Rooter, We’re Well Known For Our Quality, Value,
Friendliness, Punctuality, And Communication

Want to know an industry secret? Some East Bay area plumbers… exaggerate the truth (to put it nicely). They’ll tell you what you want to hear because they want your business.

They’ll tell you that they show up on time… and then show up late. They’ll tell you they use the best materials… and then they install cheap plumbing parts that you have to replace a year later. And they’ll give you a price after an inspection … and then change it after the work begins.

But do you know who doesn’t lie? Their customers. So, you should ALWAYS check reviews before choosing a plumber. And since we have a total of zero skeletons in our closet and a PERFECT 5.0 of 5.0 on Yelp, we encourage you to look deeply into our reviews.

And when you do, you might notice these five words and phrases come up quite often:

  • Quality
  • Best Value
  • Friendliness
  • Punctuality
  • Communicative

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Quality isn’t subjective – it’s 100% undeniably OBJECTIVE. Here’s what we mean: If your plumber uses superior materials that are installed with precision workmanship, that’s TRUE quality. Undeniable. The results are night and day when compared with a plumber who uses cheaper, less proven materials and rookie installers.

At Avalon Services, we use US-made pipes and fittings that last longer than cheap, imported parts. They’re made of Type-L Copper pipes, which are twice as durable as the more common Type-M Copper. More than that, we use fully trained, insured, and certified plumbers who have years of experience.

As a result, we’ve EARNED great reviews in terms of our quality of work. Here are a few quality-related reviews:

  • “Avalon plumbing did a great job. They were quick throughout the process, and that’s the best when your toilet won’t flush. Came to my home, figured out the issue, and got it solved.” – Mike Z.
  • “They were diligent, professional, effective, & affordable. These guys will be my “go-to” from now on. I am so thankful for the excellent service. It’s hard to find these days!” – Aurora D.
  • They went above and beyond to get into my crawl space to determine what the pathway of piping looked like so that the resolution was thoroughly examined before “opening things up”. 5 stars all around!” – Lucas F.

Best Value

Despite our insistence upon using nothing short of the BEST materials and installers, we keep our prices down. Do we offer the cheapest plumbing and sewer services out there? Probably not. But we are far from the most expensive, and we will put our long-term value up against any plumbing company in the country.

That is to say, we KNOW your new plumbing solution will last for a LONG time because it’s skillfully installed with the best materials we can find. And we have the reviews that confirm our excellent value. Check out a few below:

  • “In the process of shopping around, companies were only giving us quotes for complete replacement. When Avalon came to the house, they did a detailed exam and pressure test, and told us that the system actually did not need a replacement and just needed some repairs to get us to code. In the process, they saved us so much money and time, and as new homeowners, it was VERY appreciated!” – Vedika N.
  • “Will at Avalon was nothing short of great with my sewer lateral replacement. On time, responsive, communicative and did the work at a very fair price. Would definitely use Avalon in the future.” – Jared J.
  • “Juan was responsive and communicated with me about arrival time. He was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and cost-efficiently. Will most definitely use again.” – Alex L.


At Avalon Services, it’s about more than five-star plumbing… it’s also about five-star service. Our technicians arrive on time, never use sales pressure, and are genuinely friendly. And our friendliness shows up during every job, and, subsequently, they show up in our reviews:

  • “Great service, very professional and very friendly team. Definitely recommend them.” – Khalid P.
  • Their crew was friendly and courteous, respecting the particularities of our home. Their work was quick and of high quality, and they did an excellent clean-up job.” – Whitney M.
  • “I gave Will a call and he was super friendly and helpful. He got everything going and organized for when his folks would come and complete the work. They came and got everything certified with no issues at all. It was an all-around great experience.” – Dave E.


On several occasions, we’ve fielded calls from homeowners in distress because the first few plumbers they called ghosted them. They scheduled a visit, but the plumber never showed up. Or, in worst cases, they could never even get another plumber to answer their call.

If that’s happened to you, then you’ll be glad to know that we arrive on time or early… it’s that simple.

And in the rare instances that Mother Nature causes us to run a few minutes behind, we let you know right away. That way, you’re not left waiting for us to show up or respond to your call. And you’re never left feeling disrespected or as if we’ve “ghosted you.”

But don’t take our word for it – see what our reviews say about our punctuality:

  • “Avalon is a super-service organization. They’re very professional and honest. They came on time and explained all our options.” – Shashank M.
  • “Working with Avalon was great right from the start. Front office did a great job of scheduling the appt and keeping me informed. The technician showed up on time.” – Moyra S.
  • “FINALLY a plumber that shows up on time, does the work on time, on budget and does it right. Will, Christian, Evan and the team do an amazing job, are courteous, clean, empathetic and overall the guys you want to call. Highly recommended!” – A C.


Whatever your profession may be, I guarantee you we’d feel absolutely lost if we had to explain it to you. But we do know plumbing… and we’re able to explain it REALLY well.

In the same way that we’re not experts in your field, we don’t expect you to be experts in plumbing. We’ll gladly take the time to answer ALL of your questions in terms you can understand.

Here’s what our clients say about our ability to talk with you, diagnose problems, and help you feel comfortable throughout the plumbing process:

  • “Ron was my service tech and he was there right on time, with his little booties to keep my floor clean. He asked lots of questions, which seemed to give him a good idea where to start.” – Ellie K.
  • “Juan was great from start to finish – thorough, responsive, excellent service. And a great sense of humor which was appreciated because plumbing issues aren’t fun.” – Vicki L.
  • “William was the only plumber I contacted who directly jumped in to help. All other vendors just ask me for contact info, etc. But William actually cares about the customer and his little one question (via text) helped me solve the issue without an appointment.” – Emma Y.

If you’re searching for a proven plumber, then look no further. We service all of the East Bay, including but not limited to Piedmont, Oakland, Orinda, and Lafayette. Call Avalon Services today for a free and accurate quote.