Avalon Rooter

A Plumbing Company For PEOPLE Not Profits

March 27, 2024

Avalon Is Proud To Be The People-Over-Profits
Plumbing And Rooter Company

Our Company Culture Revolves Around The Community
We Serve And The Great People Who Make It Happen.

Most of us who work here at Avalon Rooter have worked for other East Bay plumbing and sewer companies in the past. Suffice it to say we weren’t a fan of how they did things. They didn’t put their customers’ needs first, and, frankly, they didn’t seem to care about their employees either.

That’s why we founded Avalon to be the plumbing and sewer company that puts PEOPLE above profits and genuinely strives to make life better for everyone involved.

What does that mean?

It means that homeowners get their plumbing problems solved for GOOD (no quick-fix nonsense) and our employees are well-compensated for their time and efforts.

It should be the industry standard, right?  Well, we’re trying to make it that way.

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Our Avalon Rooter Company Promises

When we founded this company we made a couple of promises to ourselves, to our employees, and to our customers. Here’s what they are:

  1. We promise to handle every project we take on with dedication and to provide the precision workmanship and superior materials Avalon has become known for.
  2. We promise to treat you with kindness and respect from the moment you contact us to the moment we leave your property. We’re here to help and accommodate you  –  plain and simple.

Forming our mission was a good start, but we needed a plan to ensure we could live up to our ideals. What we created has served us and the East Bay community well ever since.

Doing Things The Right Way, The Kind Way, The Avalon Way

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a blueprint for building a plumbing company based on integrity, honesty, and respect for homeowners. So…we had to develop our own system for doing plumbing RIGHT.

First of all, we encourage our employees to do the right thing no matter what. We refuse to pay our technicians based on commission. Instead, we pay them well, by the hour, and incentivize them to SOLVE your problems, not sell you a service.

This is a rarity in this industry, but it’s the only way to ensure that you get a fair shake. After all, the commissioned salesman approach encourages only one thing – SALES.

As for Avalon Rooter, our techs are friendly, dedicated, and always happy to help. It’s how we’ve developed a reputation for 5-star service and why we have such glowing customer reviews.

How We Built A Passionate, COMPASSIONATE Team

We didn’t necessarily set out to find the best plumbers but the best PEOPLE. After all, we can train an inexperienced tech with a great attitude, but we can’t teach kindness.

More specifically, we can’t teach a diehard SALESMAN to put profits aside and focus on delivering great results.

Does that make for a rather picky hiring process?

Of course, but it’s also how we’ve managed to put together a team of dedicated, amazing people who share our core values of integrity, trust, reliability, accountability, and customer advocacy.

That’s our recipe for success, and we don’t plan on changing it any time soon.

If you need plumbing help for your East Bay home and want to use a plumber you know you can trust, contact us at Avalon Rooter for a free quote.