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An Uphill East Bay Sewer Pump Installation

August 8, 2023
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Sewer Pumps Often Involve An Incline, But This East Bay Home Sat At The Bottom Of A STEEP Hill

Luckily, We Love A Challenge & Were Thrilled To Be Able To Give This Homeowner Peace Of Mind.

By their nature, sewer pumps are meant for times when all else fails and a standard sewer line just won’t cut it. Usually, this will involve an incline or geographical obstacle of some kind, but this East Bay home was located at the VERY bottom of a STEEP hill, so even installing a sewer pump was a challenge.

Fortunately, we don’t give up easily, and we know a difficult job is not the same as an impossible one. That’s ultimately why we proved successful, and now this homeowner is free from plumbing-related worries and woes for years to come.

The Project No Other Plumber Would Take On

As with most of our case studies, this homeowner reached out to multiple other East Bay plumbing contractors before she got to Avalon Rooter.

One said they’d provide a quote but failed to show up. Others simply said there was no way they could connect her home to the sewer main given the incline.

It was beginning to look like she was going to have to continue investing in routine maintenance every few months just to keep her property free of water damage…that is, until she found Avalon Rooter.

Our owner and founder, Will, assessed the situation and came up with a plan for connecting the home to the city’s sewer main and jumped through all the necessary hoops to make sure we were in compliance with the city.

How To Connect A Home At The Bottom Of A Steep Hill To The City Sewer Main At The Top:

Foye Pump Photo East Bay Avalon

In order to install the pipes and pump system that would connect the home to the sewer main, we had to dig a huge trench directly into the side of a huge hill.

The other obstacle was making sure that water and sewage would be able to make its way uphill into the sewer main.

Because gravity only goes one way, an electrically powered sewer pump was the only way to make it happen.

We were concerned that the system would stop working if there was a power outage, but luckily, she had a backup electrical generator, so we were good to go. The project took a few weeks, but we were able to solve her ongoing sewer problem for good!

Apart From Our Workmanship, Our Kindness & Compassion Stood Out Most

Truth be told, by the time we interviewed her, she could hardly remember the specific nuts-and-bolts details of the work we had done. What stuck out most to her was the kindness and humanity demonstrated by the whole Avalon crew.

“There’s a person behind the company. Will is a lovely human being, not just someone there to make money – same goes for the people who work for him. They’re all just decent human beings.”

When we heard that, it made our day. Our 5-star service is just as much a part of who we are as our precision workmanship.

We like to keep homes in ship-shape, but it’s hearing that we’ve really helped someone that truly makes our efforts worthwhile.

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