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Count On Avalon For Precision Plumbing

April 1, 2024

Count On Avalon For Plumbing And Rooter
Services Done With Machine Precision

Our Detail-Obsessed Process And Refusal To
Cut Corners = Great Results Every Time

Less than stellar plumbing and rooter companies are a dime-a-dozen, but the same cannot be said for serious, trustworthy professionals. So…rather than aiming for the bare minimum, Avalon Rooter was founded to provide dependable, precision plumbing services in the East Bay.

From our always-on-time approach to appointments to our painstaking workmanship and attention to detail, we take plumbing to a whole new level.

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Long-Term REAL Solutions vs Short-Term “Band-Aid” Fixes

Another way we set ourselves apart from the herd at Avalon Rooter is our belief in long-term solutions over quick fixes.  While some plumbing companies overcharge their customers for the same patch-up repairs and maintenance every few months, we’ll recommend a permanent, REAL solution to your problem.

If that means replacing your sewer line or building a brand-new one, we can do that.  If that means we just need to replace one faulty pipe fitting, that’s what we’ll do.

That’s why we work so hard to establish trust with our customers.  We don’t want there to be one shred of doubt that what we’re recommending is what’s best for YOU.

So…we’ll not only give you our recommendation, but we’ll even give you a step-by-step, easy-to-understand explanation of what we plan to do and why.

Providing 5-Star Plumbing Service Takes Flexibility

Our dedication to efficiency extends beyond Our Precision Workmanship.  We even plan our service around our customers.

So…when we say we’ll be there at 2:00 PM, we MEAN it. We also make a point of answering the phone and responding to inquiries as quickly as possible.

Why do what other plumbers can’t or WON’T?

Because we know how critical plumbing work can be. The last thing you want when dealing with a leaky pipe or clogged drain is a flaky plumber who shows up late or a slick salesperson who just wants to sell you their overpriced, one-size-fits-all rooter services.

Part of our commitment to solving your plumbing problems means providing you with the 5-Star Service you deserve at every step along the way.  Plain and simple.

Dedicated Technicians And Top-Tier Products

At Avalon Rooter, we’re proud to be picky.  We’re picky about our workmanship, the people we hire, and the superior materials we install on your property.

Taking the steps upfront to make sure our quality is where we need it to be ensures YOU end up with a solution that truly works.

When we hire a new technician, it has less to do with their experience level and more to do with their character.  Their willingness to do whatever it takes and their dedication to helping others can’t be trained into them.  After all, certifications and training will only help them succeed at Avalon Rooter if they already have those basic character traits.

As for our products, we deliberately choose trusted, top-tier manufacturers and products made right here in the USA whenever possible.  Anything less would be a compromise of our core values.

Are you an East Bay homeowner in need of dependable plumbing and sewer services completed with clockwork precision?

Then, contact Avalon Rooter today for your free quote.