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DIY Plumbing Horror Stories: Why You Need To Call A Professional

February 17, 2023

DIY Plumbing Horror Stories: Why You Need To
Call A Richmond CA Professional

A Professional Plumber Can Save You Money
And A Headache

Consider thinking twice before embarking on a DIY plumbing project for your Richmond, CA, home. Over the years, we’ve heard countless horror stories of DIY projects gone wrong.

On the surface, plumbing might seem simple enough, but it’s a complex process that requires specialized tools and knowledge. Without the proper training and equipment, you could do more harm than good to your plumbing system.

Here are a few plumbing horror stories that will make you think again about attempting your plumbing fix.

If you were to search “plumbing fails” online, you would be amazed at the number of things that pop up. After years of being in the plumbing industry, our professional plumbers have seen quite a few plumbing mishaps that make for some interesting stories.

The Clogged Drain That Led To A Massive Mess

A homeowner thought it was simply the drain clogged on the sink when water was sitting in it. Granted, that could be the case. However, if the homeowner had just checked the other sinks, tubs, and even toilets in the house, they would have discovered everything was clogged.

They tried pouring Drano into the sink, but the water was still there. So, they grab a plunger and start to plunge the sink – a little elbow grease ought to do the trick, right?

Suddenly everything starts to run out, and it seems they fixed it. However, unknown to them, they had put so much pressure on the drain line – the end cap for their drain line (located in the crawlspace) had popped off.

The drain line was draining into the crawlspace. It was a huge mess that required hours of cleanup and made the house stink for days – even after it was fixed.

One Small Drip Led To Line Replacement

Under the bathroom sink, there was a small drip of water that was being caught by a small bowl. The homeowner was tired of having to empty the bowl, so they decided to fix the small drip on their own.

They tightened the PVC pipe where they thought it was leaking. They kept on tightening it to the point that the entire line cracked and broke. 

The result was replacing a portion of their drain line under the sink. The original leak was not from the drain line they tried to fix — it was coming from the water line into the faucet.

Flooded Subfloor

Most people don’t think that a problem with the refrigerator is something to call a plumber for, and in most cases, that is correct. However, with the new refrigerators having a water line going to the fridge, it can require a plumber.

A young couple noticed water under the fridge but assumed it was just normal condensation. Week after week, they kept placing towels around this bottom, hoping it would resolve the issue. 

However, the towel would be soaked when they got home every day.

The husband attempted to put more towels under the fridge, with the idea that they would eventually replace the entire fridge. After about three months of anxiety, frustration, and towels, the couple ordered a replacement refrigerator for their home.

When the new installers arrived for the refrigerator, they figured out why there was so much water. The water line into the fridge had a hole in it and had been drenching the floor and subfloor the entire time. The result was replacing some tiles on the floor and the subfloor as it started to sag from water damage.

Why You Need To Call A Professional Plumber

In the above horror stories, while most homeowners have the best intentions when it comes to fixing the problem, it can become another issue without the proper knowledge.

Imagine if the clogged drain homeowners had just called the plumber — they could have found out the entire system needed to be unclogged rather than having everything dumped into their crawlspace. Saving them time from cleaning up and a ton of money once all the repairs were made.

If the small drip household had called the plumber — they could have avoided extra work done by the plumber to fix the problems they caused.

The young couple could have avoided needing a new floor and saved the money they spent on a new fridge. Imagine how much of a headache it was when finding out the water line had a hole and could have been fixed to avoid these issues.

In all of these scenarios, the price of the plumber would have been worth it as the problem would have been fixed the first time — without causing further damage to the home. With this being said, when should you call a professional Richmond, CA, plumber?

Our best advice is to call whenever you know there is an issue and need help figuring out what you are doing. If your first thought upon seeing a problem is, “better call a plumber, ” that is what you should do. Don’t become a horror story that plumbers share around the campfire!

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