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Do You Know What To Check B4 Hiring A Plumber?

April 9, 2024

Three Key Items To Check Before
Hiring Your Next Plumber

A Little Research Can Save
You From Big Headaches

Finding a plumber in the East Bay can be challenging.

Well, let’s rephrase that.

Finding a good plumber in the East Bay can be challenging.

It’s not every day that you need one, and when you do, it isn’t easy to find one you can trust to do the job right.

There are some things you can check about a plumbing service that will give you confidence that you’ve found the right rooter company.

Specifically, you should look into:

  • Their Company Website
  • Their Customer Reviews
  • Their Amount Of Experience

Doing a little research into these three areas will let you make a much more informed decision about who you’re hiring.

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A Company’s Website Can Tell You A Lot About Them

There should be a plethora of information about a company’s plumbing services on their website, including:

  • The Company’s Hours (Including Emergency Hours If Available)
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials
  • What Services They Provide
  • Company History & Culture
  • Compliance Information
  • Contact Information
  • Service Areas
  • And More

A plumbing service with a strong website will have all this information available. It gives you a chance to explore and learn about the contractor before you contact them.

A complete and well-formed website shows professionalism and respect for potential customers – and respect is essential for a good relationship with any home servicer.

Customer Reviews Tell The Tale

How a company’s previous clients feel about their experience can be an invaluable resource for you.

Would you go to a steak restaurant if half the reviews complained that the steak was overcooked or the service was terrible?

Not a chance. But if you don’t check the reviews, you won’t know until you’re sitting there with an uncuttable steak and a waiter who could not care less.

You should be able to find customer reviews on the plumbing company’s website, but those can be filtered. You can also find unfiltered customer reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and many social media services.

Checking these before hiring a company can save you from hiring a company that just isn’t up to your standards.

You’ll learn how professional they are, if they show up on time, and if they clean up before they leave. After all, it’s the overall experience that truly matters. Most plumbers will fix the problem, but not all will do so cleanly, honestly, and quickly.

Don’t overlook customer reviews. Check them before hiring a plumber. You’ll be glad you did.

The Necessary Amount Of Experience

Third on the list of things to check is the plumber’s experience. This can be critical to the success of solving your plumbing issue.

It can be the difference between a complete repair or a band-aid. Between a solid fix or a future disaster.

This difference is often represented by a lot of time and money. Your time. Your money.

Experience matters.

Most companies will have a page telling you about their company. Those who’ve been around for a long time will be certain to mention that fact. Those who are just starting out will tend to hide that truth.

Looking into the plumber you’re considering can save you from a headache down the line. These three key indicators: a robust website, access to unfiltered reviews, and lengthy experience will set you up for success.

So, the next time you require plumbing services in the East Bay, call the company that checks all the boxes—Contact Avalon Rooter to schedule an appointment for a free quote.