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Friendliness Runs In The Avalon Rooter Family

March 5, 2024

Friendliness Is The #1 Character Trait We
Require When We Hire New Plumbers

4 Ways Our Friendly Technicians Provide
A Better Plumbing Experience

We get it – friendly plumbers in the East Bay area are few and far between. But at Avalon Rooter, we’re always GENUINELY friendly. It’s in our DNA, and it’s built into our core values.

But WHY are we friendly? Frankly, it’s good business.

After all, our friendliness is a large reason why we have such excellent reviews. And our friendly company culture helps us keep our amazing plumbers for years and years.

But, although it’s good business, that’s not the only reason we’re friendly. We’re also friendly because it’s what’s best for YOU. Our friendly plumbers ensure:

  • You never feel pressured
  • You receive a personalized experience
  • You know we’ll treat you and your home with the utmost respect

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#1. Zero Sales Pressure

Many plumbers are trained to close deals. So, if you seem hesitant to do exactly as they say and pay the price they tell you, they (not so subtly) pressure you.

You see, all too often plumbers tell you that you need something that isn’t necessary. Take this review for example:

  • “In the process of shopping around, companies were only giving us quotes for complete replacement. When Avalon came to the house, they did a detailed exam and pressure test, and told us that the system actually did not need a replacement and just needed some repairs to get us to code. In the process, they saved us so much money and time, and as new homeowners, it was VERY appreciated!” – Vedika N.

Now, we’re not saying you don’t need a complete replacement – perhaps you do. But we ARE saying that we’ll always be honest. And we’ll do everything in our power to make our services affordable for you.

And if our quote isn’t for you? No problem. You’ll never feel pressured to purchase. There are no sales games at Avalon Services – our consultations are designed to educate, not sell. Because, for us, being friendly means giving you space to make informed, stress-free decisions.

#2. A Personalized Experience
From Workers That LISTEN

Our friendly team listens better than the non-friendly plumbing crews you often see in The East Bay. And because we listen, we’re able to accommodate YOUR requests, needs, and desires.

The fact is many plumbing companies think they know it all. As a result, they tend to be “set in their ways.” They don’t always fully listen to you – but WE do listen.

After we listen… we give our expert advice on how we can best fix your plumbing issues. This allows our plumbers to install with precision workmanship. And our first-rate plumbing solutions simply wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our genuinely friendly pros who truly CARE about you.

#3. Our “Friendliness” Is More Than Words And
A Warm Smile – It’s About Our Actions!

Our friendly crew always greets you with a warm smile. You won’t hear us curse on the job or blast loud music like some OTHER plumbing companies in the area. Instead, we dress respectfully, show up in clean trucks, and use respectful language at all times.

But our friendliness extends beyond our mannerisms and words. It’s also about our actions, and that’s why we ALWAYS:

  • Clean up after ourselves – we clean as we go, and we leave your home BETTER than we found it… and it’s super clean.
  • Own up to our RARE mistake – We strive for perfection and zero mistakes, but we’re human. If we mess up, we admit it and FIX the problem fast.
  • Park where we’re supposed to park – Our plumbers will never drive on your grass, block in your cars, or park where we’re not supposed to.

All the while, we’re pleasant to be around. If you’re around the work area, we’ll gladly talk to you and answer ALL of your questions. With Avalon Rooter, you’re getting a plumbing FRIEND for life.

If you’re searching for a friendly plumbing company in Oakland, Piedmont, Orinda, Lafayette, or another East Bay area city, look no further than Avalon Rooter. Contact us today for a free and accurate quote.