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Is It Worth Switching To A Tankless Water Heaters?

March 24, 2023

Is It Worth Switching Your Oakland, CA, Home
To A Tankless Water Heater?

These 8 Reasons Say You Will Never Look Back
When You Go Tankless

Is your Oakland, CA, water heater showing signs of aging? Or perhaps you just want a more efficient system to save you money in the long run. When shopping for a new heater, finding the right combination of cost and features is crucial. But tankless water heaters offer many advantages over traditional tank models – making them a solid choice for anyone. 

We’ve helped many East Bay area homeowners install a new tankless water heater – for a good reason. Having hot water on demand can help reduce waste and give you peace of mind with a reliable system. 

Still on the fence with your decision? Here are eight ways switching to a tankless water heater will benefit you and your Oakland, CA, home.

1. Longer Life

Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a water heater that gives you more bang for your buck? Compared to traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters have double the lifespan in many cases. 

A traditional water heater has a lifespan of around ten years for most people. In contrast, a tankless water heater has anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. Talk with your installation specialist about proper maintenance for your new system. They can craft a schedule that works for you to keep your water heater running flawlessly for decades. 

2. Costs You Less To Run

In a world where everyone is trying to save a buck wherever they can, you will find that a residential tankless water heater is just what you need. On average, you save around 22% each month on your electricity or gas bill compared to a traditional water heater.

Plus, a traditional water heater will use energy even when not in use – since it always tries to heat the water in the holding tank. Whether you have a gas or electric traditional heater, small amounts of energy are constantly used to ensure hot water when needed most.

But tankless water heaters only use energy when you’re running the tap, dishwasher, or washing machine. This on-demand approach can save you thousands over the lifetime of your new unit – money you can put to good use elsewhere in your home. 

3. Small Spaces Are Welcome

While most East Bay area homeowners think they’re stuck with a large or bulky water heater – when you go tankless, you free up space. Tankless water heaters have a smaller footprint and can fit just about anywhere.

Their more compact size means you could find you have a little extra room in your Oakland, CA, home!

4. Hot Water Immediately

Do you run the water for several minutes to achieve the right temperature? One of the biggest complaints we hear from homeowners is that it takes forever for their water to heat up.

Recent studies show you waste about 3.14 gallons each time you run water and wait for it to heat up. Imagine using hot water ten times daily – that equals 31 gallons wasted.

The beauty of residential tankless water heaters is that the hot water is heated on demand – meaning you’ll never have to wait.

5. Continuous Hot Water

Have you ever had your hot water run out before you finished showering? It’s one of your worst experiences – especially in the morning. This is especially frustrating in busy houses where teenagers or partners are running water at the same time.

One of our favorite things about going tankless is never running out of hot water again. Since you won’t be storing a finite amount of water in your tank, you can scrub, soak, and shower without fear.

6. Avoid Leaks

One of the more frequent calls we receive in the Oakland, CA, area is due to a leaky water heater. The homeowner often doesn’t notice for days or weeks – resulting in damage to the flooring.

Imagine being confident knowing there are no leaks present and never having to worry about it happening! One less worry is something that almost anyone wants in their life.

7. Better Option For Families

If you have a family or share your home with several people, tankless water heaters are the most obvious choice to ensure you always have hot water. Thanks to the endless hot water supply, these are much more family-friendly than traditional tanks.

8. Easy To Maintain

Is your to-do list neverending? You must ditch your traditional system if you can’t handle another task.

Tankless water heaters are easier to maintain than traditional water heaters – meaning one less thing on your to-do list!

In most cases, you only have to clean the filter or flush the system annually. It is easy enough to do on your own or have your plumber handle it during a maintenance call.

Tankless Water Heaters Are A Great Option

If your current traditional hot water heater is nearing the end of its life, or you want to switch to something more energy efficient, you cannot go wrong with a residential tankless hot water heater.

While the technology of these tankless water heaters is relatively new compared to traditional water heaters, the benefits have already proven worth the investment.

Imagine having a hot shower even if four other people showered before you – that alone is enough to make the switch!

Oakland, CA, Home Tankless Water Heater Installation

If you are ready to have constant hot water on demand for your Oakland, CA, home, we are here to help. We offer tankless water heater installation and will be more than happy to help you decide on the best choice for your home.