Avalon Rooter

It’s Our Community-First Corporate Culture

June 3, 2024

How Do We Produce Such Terrific Plumbers?
It’s Our Customer-First Corporate Culture

We’re Devoted To Our Clients’ Results And
Our Employees’ Growth And Success

When you are looking for a skilled plumber in the East Bay area, you simply cannot do better than to work with Avalon Rooter. Our plumbers are among the best in the business and provide customer-centered service you just can’t beat.

They’re friendly, prompt, responsible, and helpful. But most of all, they’re professional. They constantly represent our organization with pride. They behave with dignity and self-esteem, treat customers respectfully, and always give their all to a job.


Because our corporate culture instills it in them.

What does that mean?

Our corporate culture is the set of shared values, beliefs, and practices that define our company. It reflects what we believe, what we do, and how we interact.

This means your customer experience with us is far superior to what you can expect with other plumbers.

It’s Our Organizational Ethos

Our corporate culture comprises what we think and do as related to each other and our clients.

This message is included in every team meeting: We’re not here to rack up profitwe’re here to HELP people.

Why is that our focus? Because many of us came from other organizations where profit was the only motive, and we didn’t like how we or the customers were treated.

So, when operating our own shop, we’ve focused on our clients’ outcomes and employees’ success. Our organizational ethos is very customer-oriented and encourages our teams to pay attention to details and do things right the first time.

Here are some of the ways we do that.

Persnickety Hiring Practices

We take a lot of time during the hiring process to ensure we bring on the right people. We want skilled plumbers, of course, but we also look for the right fit.

For instance, we look for problem-solving skills and experience, but we hire only candidates with important traits like friendliness, helpfulness, and passion for the work.

That way, our customers get the best, most attentive 5-star service.

Each candidate goes through several rounds of interviews with leadership representatives and must satisfy a drug screening and background check. Professionalism is essential to us because we hope every new hire will represent us for many years.

Because of our fussy hiring process, we’ve assembled an impressive team of good-natured, accommodating, precision plumbing professionals.

After-Action Discussions

Our goal is always to share knowledge amongst our crews. After every project, whether large or small, we engage in after-action discussions about what happened. We learn something new on every job, and these discussions help us share that information with our employees.

We explain what happened and discuss how it could have been avoided or how it was fortunate that it did happen. And we talk about whether it was handled well or if we could have done better.

We never assign blame, though we do commend workers for quick thinking or successful solutions. These meetings exist so that our team can learn and we can handle the situation better the next time.

We find these discussions are an invaluable resource and a key component of our corporate culture.

Shared Core Values

Our core values are the shared principles that guide us in every customer interaction. They are as follows:

  • Trust – You can trust us to have your best interests at heart.
  • Integrity – We behave with integrity at all times.
  • Reliability – When we make a commitment, we keep it.
  • Accountability – We always accept responsibility if we mess up.
  • Customer Advocacy – We have your back.

These principles are our North Star and always keep us on track. By following them, we provide exceptional service and deliver a successful outcome for your project.

So, if you seek customer-first sewer or plumbing services in the East Bay area, contact us at Avalon Rooter today for a free quote. Our devotion to our core company values ensures you receive exceptional service, workmanship, and results.