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No Sales Pressure, Arm Twisting, Or Pricing Games

March 31, 2023

Avalon Rooter Provides East Bay Plumbing & Rooter
Services Without The Sales Pressure

Why We NEVER Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics Or Pricing Games.

High-pressure sales tactics are ALWAYS annoying, but if you’re an East Bay homeowner just trying to get your sewer compliance certificate or replace your tankless water heater, they are COMPLETELY uncalled for.

That’s why we don’t do things that way.

We don’t want you making a major decision about your home based on a sales pitch. We want you to make the RIGHT decision for your home.

Sometimes that does mean replacing your current sewer line, sewer pump, or tankless water heater.  Other times, it’s a matter of a quick fix or even just a drain cleaning.

The goal of our courteous, dedicated plumbing techs–from the moment you contact us–is to solve your problems, so you can live your life and be comfortable in your own home.

Why We Hate Sales Pressure SO Much

Beyond the obvious reason–it’s annoying and unscrupulous–sales pressure is just a bad business practice that causes people to make WRONG decisions.

Sales pressure doesn’t always mean you are being scammed, but it does mean you may be steered in a direction that is NOT in your best interest.

If your plumber’s payment is based purely on sales commission, there is a chance they may recommend repairs or products that are more costly PURELY for the boost to their paycheck.

And…in our opinion, it’s not primarily the fault of the employees.

You would be SHOCKED at how many plumbing and rooter companies actually encourage and THRIVE off of exactly this type of behavior.

In some of the worst instances we’ve heard of, rooter companies will recommend drain cleaning and root removal services to EVERY single homeowner, regardless of what they actually find.

You can only imagine the type of upsells that these unscrupulous companies will attempt to pull. Chances are, if you get the “salesman” vibe, you may be dealing with a salesman, not an honest plumber.

That said, there are times when you do need to invest in urgent and major plumbing repairs.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a plumbing company with true integrity that you can ACTUALLY TRUST.

What Are Pricing Games & How To Spot Them

Pricing games are common in the plumbing and rooter business, and they can take many different forms. The most common one that we see is the incredible low-ball offer.

They will likely advertise something like a drain cleaning or snaking service for as low as around 50-100 bucks, and they will heavily imply that’s all you will end up paying.

Don’t be fooled. Once they arrive, they will inform you that your situation is different and the low advertised price won’t apply to you.

They will likely recommend additional services, and your final bill might even include fees you didn’t agree to.

Another sign of pricing games is an offer that expires very soon or a massive discount they apply for seemingly no reason. This usually means they are charging too much to begin with and are offering the fake discount to make it seem like a good price.

What An HONEST Plumber Is Like

The best plumbing and rooter contractors in the East Bay are the ones who tell you the truth.  The price might not seem low, but it’s honest.  Plus, a good plumber won’t fake you out and tack on a bunch of extra costs you didn’t agree to.

With Avalon Rooter & Plumbing, you get the 5-Star Service you deserve, and your home receives the best plumbing products and repairs available.

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