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January 2, 2024

Nothing But Top-Tier Plumbing Products Will Do For The East Bay Homeowners We Serve

Here’s Why We Choose To Install Water & Energy-Efficient Plumbing Solutions To Save Our Clients Money.

At Avalon Rooter, we like being on the cutting edge of East Bay plumbing and sewer technology. When better, more energy-efficient products become available, we make a point of learning everything we can about them. If we like what we learn, we take the next step and start offering the new, improved plumbing and sewer tech to the East Bay homeowners we serve.

Superior Materials For Increased Efficiency

From our use of American-made pipes and fittings that are thicker and higher-quality to our insistence on installing only top-tier, energy-efficient water heaters, we are obsessive about the Superior Materials we install. If there’s not a solid reason to choose a product over another, we’re not going to offer it–plain and simple. Everything we install is carefully selected to be longer-lasting, more efficient, or more durable than other options. What does this mean for your plumbing project? It means your sewer line will be less likely to clog, your tankless water heater will use less energy, and your plumbing system will function better overall.

Why Harvest Thermal Might Be The Water Heater Of…The FUTURE

While we love all of the high-quality plumbing and sewer products we offer, we’re especially excited about one of our newest offerings: Harvest Thermal Heating Systems. This new technology allows you to heat all the water your home needs for the entire day, during times of the day when energy is at its cheapest. After that, you can simply turn on your hot water, and it will be ready instantaneously–all while using a fraction of the energy of a normal water heater. The biggest benefit is saving energy, but you may also use less water, since you’ll never have to wait for water to heat up. They can be easily connected to your solar panels and are one of the most efficient ways to heat water we’ve ever come across. With some modifications to your HVAC system and a little ductwork, you can even use your Harvest Thermal system to heat your HOME, not just your water.

Precision Workmanship For Better Functionality

You can have the most top-tier equipment and products, but without committed, experienced installers, you won’t get great results. That’s why we make sure we give our customers and the high-quality plumbing products we install the precision installation they deserve. What does that entail? For one thing, we take our time to double and triple-check our work to make sure everything is secure. For example, we will always check your sewer line to make sure it’s 100% watertight before we sign off that it’s secure. Precision Workmanship also means including additional access points in your sewer line to make sure future repairs and maintenance is possible without damaging your property. Try getting that with your average East Bay rooter company!

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