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Our Plumbers Are Pleasant To Be Around

May 5, 2024

Not A Single Surly Sourpuss On OUR Staff!
Our Plumbers Are Pleasant To Be Around

They’re Friendly And Helpful
And Get The Job Done!

When East Bay homeowners hire a plumber, many have learned to expect the arrival of a brusque, unsmiling contractor who grunts hello and then gets busy working on their pipes. He may just be uncomfortable around people, but he doesn’t communicate well, and his customers often don’t know exactly what he’s doing.

That situation is all too common, but it NEVER happens when you hire Avalon Rooter. Our plumbers are all friendly, helpful, and pleasant to be around.


Because that’s who we hire: friendly, helpful people who happen to be plumbers.

It’s in our core values that all company representatives be amiable, cooperative, respectful, and able to please. We’ve found that clients respond well to such people, leaving them with a better opinion of our company.

That’s why there’s not a single sourpuss on our staff.

You’ll LOVE Our Pleasant Plumbers. Here’s Why.

We understand how frustrating it can be for homeowners who want to stay in the loop during a plumbing project only to be ignored and kept in the dark. If you’re paying for a plumber visit, you don’t want to wonder what’s wrong with your system. You want answers.

So, our technicians are all eager to help you understand what’s happening. Once they’ve investigated fully, they explain the problem, tell you what they intend to do, and discuss how that will help.

Then, they update you on the project’s status as they proceed with the repairs. You’re in the loop during every stage of the process.

You never have to hope or wonder. YOU know how things are going as soon as WE do.

Here are some other reasons you’ll love our pleasant plumbers.

They’re Problem Solvers

Our team is composed of experienced professionals committed to doing the job right the first time. With years of training and on-the-job experience, they’re skilled at troubleshooting and repairing plumbing problems. They’re also fully certified by the state and insured for your protection.

This means you receive terrific results. FAST.

Our training methods ensure that our plumbers are extremely attentive to details, so they overlook nothing during sewer line or plumbing system inspection and repair. Plumbing requires precision craftsmanship, and our crew members are all craftsmen.

Moreover, they are all full-time employees – not subcontractors. This gives us considerable say over their training and enables us to choose the finest candidates.

They’re Friendly And Cooperative

One key quality we look for during every recruitment interview is amiability. Our technicians must interact with customers daily, often on their own, so it is important that they represent us well.

We look for candidates who are friendly, outgoing, and comfortable around people and who know how to put others at ease.

Yes. We know! Plumbers aren’t normally renowned for their social skills.

But we find that attribute invaluable in our technicians, so we seek it out from the outset. Then, during our training regimens, we drill the following mantra into every new recruit: “Great communication = great service.”

So, between our training and their natural inclinations, our plumbers arrive at your door as friendly, cooperative plumbing experts who are eager to help.

They’re Polite And Professional

The final reason our plumbers are so pleasant to be around is that they are polite and professional.

We insist that our employees be dressed neatly and well-groomed when they are on duty to make a good impression. They are clean and presentable, wearing matching uniforms featuring their name and our logo.

They arrive in clean, well-maintained trucks adorned with our logo and contact information, so you know they work for us.

They behave politely and treat clients with courtesy and respect. They’ll keep you in the loop through every step of the project, respond promptly to your input, and gladly answer any questions you have about the job.

So, if you seek sewer or plumbing services in the East Bay area, work with one of our pleasant plumbing professionals. Contact Avalon Rooter today for a free quote.