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Our Respect Leads To YOUR Five-Star Experience

March 8, 2024

We Show RESPECT In All That We Do

We Break The Mold… And We’re The Local
Plumbers Who Are ACTUALLY Respectful

Respectful plumbing and sewer professionals in the East Bay, CA aren’t easy to find. Far too many are “stuck in their ways” and don’t always take the time to listen to the issues you’re having and your needs.

If this is the rule, then consider Avalon Rooter as the exception to the rule. We listen to you, and we genuinely care. Our respectful nature is rooted in our company history, and we have reviews and case studies that you can trust.

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Our Respect Starts With Our Respectful Owner

Our owner, Will Feliciano, is respectful. He ensures each employee shares that same level of self-respect and respect for others. So, everyone you meet – from the employee who answers your initial call to the plumber who comes to your home – treats you with the utmost respect, friendliness, and courtesy.

Our Reviews And References Speak Loudly

The fact is every plumber can say they show you respect. But few walk the talk – we do.

And it’s not just us that says it, our reviews, which we take great pride in and never shy to show, say we’re respectful. Within our perfect 5.0 of 5.0 Yelp reviews, there are many references to our professionalism, friendliness, and overall RESPECT for you. Check out a few of our reviews below:

  • “I can’t recommend Will and his team from Avalon Services highly enough. They executed a really difficult sewer lateral replacement for my house in Oakland. Will was incredibly communicative and responsive through the whole process, and they left my property looking completely undisturbed. Thank you again!!” – Derek Wiswell
  • “Will was highly responsive and he and his team quickly found and repaired a leak in our sewage line that had been causing significant problems. Courteous and professional. Highly recommend.” – Louis Abronson

Respect Is Ingrained In Our Core Values

We take respect so seriously that it’s rooted in each one of our core values. Trust, reliability, integrity, accountability, and customer advocacy are all centered around the idea of respect for YOU.

And these core values all show up during your plumbing project. You can trust that we’ll tell you “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” and we’ll pick up the phone any time you call. More than that, we communicate throughout the project, ultimately delivering a world-class plumbing experience.

We ENSURE Respect Throughout Your Project

We ensure your 100% satisfaction, and your plumbing l is only complete when YOU say it is. With honest prices, first-class materials, and trustworthy, friendly installers who show up on time and communicate, you’re in good hands when you choose Avalon Services.

Respect Shows Up In Our ACTIONS

Ultimately, our respect for you and your home leads to YOUR five-star experience. Our five-star service, which is built upon the respect we have for our community, is precisely how we’ve been able to EARN hundreds of five-star reviews. And you KNOW that when we come to your home:

  • Show up on time
  • NEVER make you feel pressured
  • Remain professional AT ALL TIMES
  • Communicate throughout the entirety of your project
  • Thoroughly clean up and leave your property spotless

We understand that you’re trusting us in and around your home… one of the most sacred places for you and your family. And we take this seriously and ensure you always feel respected, comfortable, and safe.

If you’re searching for a sewer and plumbing company in Oakland, Piedmont, Orinda, Lafayette, or anywhere else in the East Bay area that shows you respect, then contact us today for a free and accurate quote.