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Plumbing Warranties Depend On Proper Installs & Maintenance

April 4, 2023

Failure To Install Your Water Heater Correctly VOIDS
Your Warranty In The East Bay

It’s Just One More Reason We Insist On Following Manufacturer
Standards To The Letter On ALL Plumbing & Sewer Installs.

Warranties are a great way to cover all your bases and ensure you get the full lifespan out of your tankless or standard water heater.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many East Bay homeowners miss out on all the benefits of their warranty because their plumbing contractors failed to follow instructions.

Here at Avalon Rooter, we are DETERMINED to not let that happen.  It’s why we practice true Precision Workmanship on every single project we take on–large or small.

How To Preserve Your Tankless Water Heater & Other Product Warranties

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product. That’s why your plumber MUST be fully familiar with the product AND its installation manual. If there is one single point to remember about warranties, it’s this: ALWAYS follow the instruction manual.

Plumbing is technical work, and one of the key differences between an okay plumber and a great plumber is doing EVERY necessary step to ensure perfect results.  Cutting corners is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster in this industry.

Your tankless water heater can last for ten years or more, and the product warranties on the Navien Tankless Water Heaters we install provide protection for 15 years on heat exchangers and five years on parts.

When combined with our ten-year labor warranty, that’s basically a full decade of coverage. The catch is you only get access to it if your contractors follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance requirements PRECISELY.

That’s why it frustrates us so much that so many plumbers in the East Bay STILL do it wrong.

What Can Go Wrong If Your Contractors Cut Corners

First of all, your warranty is automatically voided if your contractors fail to perform each step of the process using the exact materials and techniques specified in the manual.

This can be as small as using the wrong type of isolation valve or neglecting to clean out your calcimeter once a year.

These may seem like minute details, but dotting your “i”s and crossing your “t”s is truly the only way to preserve your water heater for the long haul.

Why do so many other plumbers do it incorrectly?

It either comes down to deliberately cutting corners, not reading the manual, or just being inexperienced. Here at Avalon Rooter, we refuse to tolerate any of that.

The one exception is experience. We believe you CAN teach a hardworking plumber to do things correctly, but you can’t teach a corner-cutting plumber to care enough to do things RIGHT.

It’s the philosophy that has enabled us to provide the 5-Star Service we are known for in the East Bay and the reason we have so many satisfied customers here.

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