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Safety & Competence Are Our Top Priorities

September 17, 2023

Other East Bay Plumbing Companies Focus On Sales Training, But We Emphasize Safety & Technical Skills

Instead Of Arm-Twisting Sales Tactics, Our Technicians Learn How To Stay Safe & Solve Your Plumbing Problems

It’s no secret that we care about our employees. That’s why we’re committed to keeping them, and you, safe. That’s why we invest our time and money into making sure our East Bay plumbing and sewer technicians are up to date with all the latest job and safety training.

We also train them to accurately diagnose and effectively solve our customers’ plumbing problems, which might seem like the obvious choice for an East Bay plumber.

Unfortunately, not all of them agree with us, which is why some plumbing and rooter companies in Richmond, CA, focus only on sales.

What They Do: Sales Boot Camps & Sleazy Consultants

As we mentioned, a lot of sewer and plumbing contractors you’ll encounter in the East Bay are ALL about sales and profits.

While there’s nothing wrong with making a profit, there IS something wrong with putting all your efforts into SELLING your services and very little effort into actually doing the work you’re being paid to do.

Plumbing technicians trained in this style are great at getting people to agree to PAY for rooter services, but they’re not so great at actually clearing your drain and sewer line of intrusions and debris.

Some of them even bring in outside sales consultants to train their techs or send them to sales boot camps to learn how to be cutthroat salesmen.

They’re not interested in helping their customers. They’re only interested in getting their customers’ MONEY.

What We Do: Safety Training & Technical Certifications

Our training sessions and certifications are not as exciting, which is a good thing.

With us, the focus is always on keeping our technicians safe, keeping YOU safe, and performing our sewer, plumbing, and gas line replacement services to the best of our abilities.

In addition to being OSHA and Competent Person Certified, our employees are also insured WELL above the standards set by the state of California.

Furthermore, all our plumbing techs are real employees, NOT subcontractors. That matters for a few reasons, but in terms of training, it makes a WORLD of difference.

It means we have the opportunity to train our techs on dozens of projects, until they become masters of the trade. Our more experienced employees who have been with us for years get to help shape our new techs until they instinctively do things the Avalon way.

It’s the best way, and probably the only way, to guarantee consistent, quality workmanship.

Why It Matters To YOU As An East Bay Homeowner

This difference in training philosophy matters for two reasons:

  1. The plumbing and rooter companies focused on sales will pressure you to agree to pay for their services whether you really need them or not.

    You won’t have a good experience working with them, you won’t be able to trust them, and you’ll likely spend WAY too much money for subpar work. Yikes!

  2. All that time we’ve spent training our employees on safety, diagnostics, and sewer compliance pays off for you.

    Our by-the-book, precision approach to plumbing and sewer work means your project will go smoothly and your problem will be solved at a fair and reasonable price.

As a homeowner in Richmond, CA, you don’t get to see under the hood of the plumbing or rooter company you hire. That’s why it’s better to KNOW that you’re dealing with a trustworthy, above-board plumber than to take a chance with your money and your home.

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