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The Time We Spent $10,000 To Fix A Former Employee’s Mistake

February 28, 2023

We Once Spent $10,000 To Fix A Former
Plumbing Technician’s Mistake

Here’s Why Avalon Rooter Is The One East Bay Plumber
Who Always Puts People Above Profits

We run a tight ship at Avalon Rooter, and we try to hire only the best and most reliable plumbers in the East Bay.  Every now and then, we will make a mistake, though, and it’s what we do in those situations that sets us apart from other plumbing and rooter companies.

What do we do differently?

The short answer is we make it right–whatever it takes.  In one case that sticks out in our memory all too well, a technician cut corners during a sump pump installation, and it led to leaks and other problems.  Naturally, the homeowner was NOT happy.

So, we came back and re-did the entire install.

We even spent $10,000 out of pocket to fix the damage!

Here’s What Happened

As we mentioned, we take our hiring process very seriously, and our team is made up of some of the best plumbing and sewer technicians in the business.  That said, people can make mistakes, and when you cut corners or rush through an install, you WILL make them.

That’s exactly what this technician did.  He rushed through the install, completing it in less time than usual.

And ultimately, he didn’t do it right.

We had to send another team over to undo everything he had installed, clean up the mess, and re-install the new components–the RIGHT way.

How We Fixed It

First, we had to send a new plumbing crew over to assess and identify the problem.

What they encountered: our original tech used a SPRING instead of a SWING!  (That’s plumber talk for, he used the wrong ‘check valve’ part.)

Once we realized this, we had to go to 3 different stores to find the correct check valves on the spur of the moment.  Despite this little setback, we managed to find EXACTLY the parts we needed to complete these impromptu plumbing repairs and correct EVERYTHING that went wrong.

That was just the tip of the iceberg, though….

There was one part of the project that was outside of our wheelhouse.  During the initial installation, he had managed to damage the drywall to an extent that it needed to be COMPLETELY redone.

So…we hired a building contractor we trust for these kinds of jobs to make absolutely sure the wall was restored to better than new condition.

Overall, the $10,000 dent to our pocketbook was more than worth it since it was the ONLY way to make the situation right.

Unfortunately, we did have to let that particular technician go, and that’s NEVER something we enjoy doing.

That being said, our reason for getting out of bed in the morning is to deliver 5-star plumbing service to home and business owners in the East Bay.

That’s why we have made it our mission to improve each and every day, so we can continue to be the East Bay’s trusted plumbing professionals.

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