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We Don’t Pay Our Plumbers A Commission… And That’s A GOOD Thing

March 15, 2024

“Commission Plumbers” Vs. Our Well-Paid,
Full-Time, Non-Commission Plumbers

Easy, Accurate Quotes WITHOUT The Sales
Pressure – That’s The Avalon Rooter way

Many East Bay area plumbing companies take their workers for granted. They work them hard, pay them far too little, and require them to double as salespeople – an unbelievably difficult ask. And if they don’t perform up to snuff? They show them the door and find someone else.

Ultimately, this leads to a recycling door for plumbers who come and go. Now, we’re not telling others how to run their company… that’s (quite literally) their business. But we are warning YOU of the dangers of hiring a company that doesn’t respect its workers.

More specifically, we’re warning you against the “commission-based” plumbers.

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Our Plumbers Are Compensated Well… WITHOUT Commission

The truth is we feel for the plumbers who have to earn a commission to maintain a healthy wage. They aren’t salespeople. They didn’t go to business school. And they don’t want to be in your living room giving you a pitch any more than you want them to be there giving you a pitch.

So, why do companies require them to do it? Well, they know they can control their costs better that way. They hire them at low wages with empty promises of much higher paydays via “commission.”

Ultimately, they become overworked, over-stressed, and UNDERPAID.

Well, at Avalon Rooter, that’s not how we roll… not even in the slightest. Our plumbers aren’t salespeople – they’re plumbers. They’re trained to tell you what you NEED to know, not what they THINK you want to hear to close a sale.

And since they don’t work based on commission, they can take “no” for an answer, and they won’t overstay their welcome if you decide our service isn’t for you.

And at the end of the day… they’re still compensated very well. After all, our plumbers are the lifeblood of our company, and we appreciate them and recognize the great value they bring to us.

Our Plumbers Are Never Overworked Or Disgruntled

Our company culture means the world to us. We have volunteers, not hostages. That is to say, our employees LOVE their job. It’s not an obligation… they genuinely love coming to work each day because they KNOW they’re surrounded by pleasant people who treat them well. Their (well-earned) above-industry-average compensation is a cherry on top.

More than that, our employees:

  • Don’t work nights or weekends
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Take time off when they want or need it (including paid vacation AND sick days)
  • Receive substantial benefits that are rare in the residential plumbing industry, including healthcare, dental, AND vision

Now, could we squeeze more out of our plumbers and maximize our profits even more? Possibly. But that’s not where our interest lies. We drive profits through quality work performed by seasoned pros in the plumbing industry. And we won’t allow anything to get in the way of our quality.

So, rather than send a tired plumber to your home who’s on his fifth or sixth project for the day, we’d rather simply hire more qualified plumbers. That way, no one is overworked, and you’re getting a plumber who is on their A+ game when they work on YOUR plumbing.

Avalon Rooter Plumbers Are Treated Well…
Here’s What That Means For YOU

The benefits of a non-commissioned plumber who is compensated well and never overworked are quite apparent. And it’s precisely as you might imagine. Here are some KEY advantages our plumbers offer that a “commission-based plumber” might not provide to the same extent:

  • They’re Talented – Paying good wages without the need for commission allows you to be picky with who you hire. Our plumbers are fully qualified and experienced, and they perform high-quality work at a standard you’ll have to see to believe.
  • They’re Experienced – Our installers stick around because they genuinely enjoy working at Avalon Rooter.
  • And To Boot, They’re Genuinely GOOD People – Talent is important. But you have to be more than that to work at Avalon Rooter. Specifically, you have to be genuinely friendly, polite, and caring. After all, our plumbers will be in and around YOUR home. So, we make sure you can trust them 100%.

If you want a well-paid, honest plumber who isn’t “salesy,” then call Avalon Rooter today for a free and accurate estimate. We serve all of the East Bay, including but not limited to Piedmont, Oakland, Orinda, and Lafayette.