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We Fix Your Plumbing Problem On Try #1

March 18, 2024

How We Get The Job Done Right… THE FIRST TIME

At Avalon, You Receive Meticulous Diagnostic Efforts And
Perfect Plumbing From Local Plumbers Who Truly Care

Plumbers in the East Bay aren’t always great at fixing solutions long-term. Sure, they’ll fix your plumbing enough so that it “works” when they leave. But then problems arise one day, two days, or a week after they leave. Then you have to call them back to fix the problem… again.

Now, you probably wonder: “Why is it so hard for plumbers to do the job right THE FIRST TIME?” Well, it’s not. The problem is they often:

  • Fail to diagnose ALL of the issues with your plumbing
  • Use cheap materials that aren’t reliable
  • Provide a half-hearted install effort

The good news? At Avalon Rooter, we do the job right on try #1. That’s right… there are no redos. No “my bads.” Instead, you get quality results done right the first time.

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We Use Top-Notch Materials That
Withstand The Tests Of Time

We use the best plumbing materials you’ll find anywhere. Now, since you’ve probably heard this empty promise from contractors in the past, let us explain. You see, most plumbers use Type-M Copper pipes for above-ground plumbing projects. At first glance, it looks the same as Type-L Copper, so you won’t know the difference.

The problem? Type-M Copper is MUCH less durable. In fact, you can almost bend it with your hand. Type-L Copper is far stronger, and we use it exclusively.

Now, this is just one of MANY examples of how we use the best plumbing materials that money can buy. Here are a few more:

  • We use U.S.-made pipes and fittings ONLY, not imported ones
  • We use ARC couplings, instead of the typical Tyler no-hub couplings
  • We use products that fit well with your home’s aesthetic (in other words, our materials look GREAT)

Add it all up and what do you get? You get a plumbing solution that works on the first try. Your materials won’t suddenly fail after a year or less. Instead, your materials will last for the foreseeable future because they’re stronger and installed by the best plumbing professionals in the area.

Our Experienced Installers Pay Attention To EVERY Detail

We believe in precision workmanship – it’s the ONLY way we know. But what does precision workmanship actually mean? What’s the formula? Well, here’s what WE believe it takes to truly offer superior plumbing installs:

  • Experience – Let’s face it… plumbing is HARD. Just as you wouldn’t want an inexperienced surgeon, you don’t want an inexperienced plumber. Our plumbers have years of experience and are fully trained with Avalon. They’re also insured and certified – every last one of them.
  • Attention To Detail – Let’s define this further. Attention to detail means operating with focus, patience, and precision. Every detail matters. Every piece has to fit perfectly… not just “good enough.” And our insane standard for small details is noticeable on EVERY project.
  • Insured EMPLOYEES, Not Subcontractors – Subcontractors have little incentive to do the job right. If they botch the plumbing, they just move on to the next house. No harm, no foul – for them. For you, you’re left with plumbing you’ll need to fix a second time. Well, at Avalon, our plumbers are not only experienced, but they’re 100% accountable. They do great work, and they firmly stand behind their work.

And If It’s Not Perfect? We Provide
Excellent Warranties Just In Case

For the cherry on top, we offer excellent warranty coverage for BOTH our materials and workmanship. That means if a part fails, we fix it for free. If the installation isn’t done perfectly, we fix it…for free!

Avalon Rooter serves all of the East Bay, including but not limited to Piedmont, Oakland, Orinda, and Lafayette. If you’re searching for a local plumber who cares and ensures the job is done right the first time, then contact our team today for a free and accurate estimate.