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What Does It Mean When Your Toilet Fills With Water After Flushing?

May 7, 2024

When A Flush Doesn’t Cut It: Why You Need
Rooter Services When Your Alamo,
CA, Toilet Fills With Water

Reasons The Bowl Fills With
Water When You Flush

Few things are as frustrating as a toilet not flushing properly. While it happens occasionally with every toilet, you may need rooter services for your Alamo, CA home if you find your toilet bowl filling with water constantly when you flush.

While your first instinct is to grab the plunger and get to work before the bowl overflows, you might need to do more when plunging becomes a regular activity. You may have an old, broken sewer line, malfunctioning valves, or something else.

At Avalon Rooter, plumbing and sewer work are our specialties. No matter the problem with your toilet, we’ll find the cause – satisfaction guaranteed!

Possible Cause 1: You Have Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common culprits of a toilet filling up with water. When your pipes are clogged, the water can’t properly drain, leading to the toilet bowl filling (and sometimes overflowing) with water.

Our exceptional rooter services are prompt and professional, leaving your pipes running as well as new ones.

Possible Cause 2: You Have A Failing Sewer Line

If you’re dealing with regular clogs, your problem may be bigger than a simple clog.

Older sewer lines are more likely to fail. If yours is old, it can break easily, letting in dirt and other debris. Old, broken pipes cause regular clogs or may have years of built-in sludge or intruding tree roots that affect proper water flow.

If your sewer line is constantly clogging and showing other signs of age or failure, call Avalon Rooter right away. We can replace your sewer line quickly and efficiently, ensuring the job is done correctly the first time!

Are your pipes relatively new, but you find yourself dealing with clogs regularly? Consider hydrojetting your sewer line for sparkling clean pipes free of sludge, tree roots, and debris.

Possible Cause 3: Damaged Flush
Flapper, Handle, Or Chain

Your toilet has several components that need to work together seamlessly to function properly. When any of those components are damaged, you may experience a slow-draining toilet that quickly fills with water after flushing.

Troubleshooting any issues involves flushing the toilet with the tank lid off so you can watch and investigate if anything looks off.

Possible Cause 4: You Have An Issue
With Your Toilet’s Vent Pipe

The vent pipe of your toilet keeps foul gasses and odors out of your toilet. When the vent pipe is blocked or clogged, you not only have a slow-draining toilet but lingering odors that can make your bathroom a pretty unpleasant place to be.

At Avalon Rooter, we conduct a thorough inspection of your system so we can get to the root cause of your clog. We don’t just want to unclog your toilet – we want to know why it’s clogging in the first place so we can fix the underlying issue and ensure a well-functioning plumbing system.

Possible Cause 5: Hard Water Or Sediment
Blocking Your Alamo, CA Toilet’s Rim Jets

Your toilet’s rim jets are located under its rim. They cycle water through to help your toilet flush quickly and efficiently.

Debris can build up and block your rim jets, leading to improper drainage. This debris may be from hard water, which can accumulate in a hard, difficult-to-clean layer over your rim jets.

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