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What Homeowners Need To Know About Water Line Replacement

May 26, 2023

5 Things You Need To Know About Water Line Replacement In Lafayette, CA

Water Line Replacement From Avalon You Can Trust

You cannot forget about the water lines in your Lafayette, CA, home. They are not meant to last forever. Over time, water lines can become damaged and cause issues in your home.

But what do you do when the water line needs to be replaced in your home? First, calling the professionals to handle the water line replacement is the best course of action, as if you attempt a DIY repair or replacement, you could end up causing more damage!

We have outlined all the five things you need to know about residential water line replacement for your East Bay area home, from getting ready for the professionals to come to your home to knowing the signs you need a water line replaced.

1. The Type Of Water Pipes Makes A Difference

The type of water pipes throughout your home can significantly affect how soon you need a water line replaced. Most older homes in the East Bay area will use either galvanized steel or copper water pipes throughout the house. Those homes that are newer may have plastic or other materials.

Galvanized steel is dipped in zinc, which helps to prevent rust and ensures the pipe lasts a bit longer than regular steel. Galvanized steel has a 40-year lifespan for most homes, so even those with pipes from the early 1950s – may find them in acceptable shape.

However, after the 1950s, the quality of galvanized steel started to decline due to many of the US steel companies shutting down and going out of business, leading to these pipes coming from overseas.

The overseas process of dipping these pieces in zinc is not as good as what was seen by US steel companies. Homes built after the 1950s and used galvanized steel in the water pipes will need to be replaced sooner than you realize.

Copper pipes are meant to last the longest of all piping for water. This is due to copper being naturally resistant to corrosion – thus, when there are issues, they often just need to be repaired rather than replaced.

2. Signs You Need A Water Line Replacement

A few signs point to a potential residential water line replacement as the best option for a homeowner in the Lafayette, CA area. These signs include:

  • Having lower water pressure across several different water fixtures in your home.
  • Seemingly unstoppable leaks, despite previous repairs
  • Water from your fixtures has an orange or rust color to it.

Any of these signs are something you should not avoid, as they can get worse to the point that no water is making its way into your home.

3. Your Options For Water Line Replacement

For the most part, galvanized steel is not an option that is offered when replacing residential water lines. Instead, there is copper, PEX, and CPVC.

Copper is considered the gold standard in the plumbing industry. PEX is a flexible plastic made from cross-linked polyethylene and connected via compression fittings. CPVC is the rigid plastic commonly seen with the fittings glued to the pipes.

Your choice of what you use on your replaced water pipe is up to you. However, several plumbers have favorites as to what they would use, thanks to their experience with one or the other.

Talk with your professional plumber to determine what would meet your needs the best and the experience they have had with each material. After all, you don’t want to replace one water line only to find yourself having to do another line in a few months. They will also determine what is allowed according to laws within the Lafayette, CA, jurisdiction.

4. Preparing For Your Water Line Replacement

In most cases, you need nothing to prepare for when your water line is replaced. Other than ensuring that the plumber can get to the water lines, there is nothing more that you need to do.

However, once the plumber arrives to replace your water line, remember that your water will be turned off while the pipe is being replaced. Therefore, you may not have water in your home temporarily.

The time it takes to replace the water line will vary depending on the water line’s location and just how much it is being replaced. For example, homes with a basement often allow easier access to water lines than those with a crawlspace.

5. Know When To Call A Professional

Water line replacement is not a DIY job – this cannot be overstated. When replacing water lines, the local jurisdiction can make a huge difference in what you can and cannot do. And if the water line replacement requires digging, other utility lines must be watched out for.

A professional is the only way to go when a water line replacement is needed. There may even be a need for permits to fix water lines, depending on the situation.

Do not take the chance of not only doing the work wrong but making it worse. A professional is the only one that can do the work for you.

Free Estimates For Your Lafayette, CA Water Line Replacement

If you believe your water line requires replacing in your Lafayette, CA, home, it is time to take action. Remember, if you leave it alone, it could get worse, and end up with no water in your home.

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