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When To Call A Professional Plumber For A Plumbing Emergency

March 3, 2023

When To Call A Professional Plumber
For A Plumbing Emergency In Your
Richmond, CA Home

Protect Your Home And Family With These Helpful
Plumbing Emergency Tips

The words “plumbing emergency” are something that no Richmond, CA, homeowner ever wants to hear. However, the reality is that plumbing emergencies happen from time to time – even with a well-maintained system. But knowing what constitutes an emergency will help you know when to call a professional plumber to fix your issue.

Your Richmond, CA, home’s plumbing system is intricate and complex. But understanding the signs of an emergency will equip you with the knowledge you need to mitigate disaster. Our team has put together six common problems that require immediate professional help. Read on to ready yourself for the future!

Common Plumbing Emergencies And Your
Immediate Response

With so many pipes, drains, valves, and components – there’s a lot that can go wrong with your Richmond, CA, plumbing system. Some are more common and obvious than others, but all require a learned eye to fix.

1. Burst Pipe

Perhaps the most infamous plumbing emergency is a burst pipe. Pipes most often burst due to freezing temperatures and poorly insulated walls. This is uncommon in our area and shouldn’t be a problem.

But your pipes can also burst due to old age, poor installation, and neglect. In most cases, you will notice a rush of water in your home or outside in your yard.

The key with a burst pipe is not to panic. Instead, turn the main water valve to the off position. Doing this will stop the water from flowing through the house and causing more damage.

Then call your local plumbing emergency professionals to come and assess the issue and create a solution.

2. An Overflowing Toilet

Every homeowner has experienced a clogged toilet – it’s why we have plungers at the ready. But sometimes, clogs can cause your toilet to overflow, and water pours out onto the floor.

First, turn the water off at the base of the toilet, or shut the main valve for the entire home. Next, start mopping up the flood to reduce the risk of damaging your tile or hardwood flooring.

A clog that causes a flood should be inspected by a professional service provider. Give your trusted partner a call and schedule an appointment for an inspection. A simple rooter service might be all you need to get your toilet and pipes flowing freely again.

3. Sewer Line Leak

A sewer line leak is a serious — and smelly – issue. When there is a leak in the sewer line, you might notice that your tub, sink, or toilet is filling with wastewater. You may even see that your yard has sunken spots where the soil has eroded away.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many DIY solutions for a sewer line issue. Talk with a plumbing expert as soon as you spot the first sign of a sewer leak. Ignoring it, or waiting too long, can seriously impact the integrity of your entire system.

4. Gas Line Leak

If you suspect a gas line leak in your Richmond, CA, home, you don’t want to wait around to find out if it’s an issue. A gas line leak is often accompanied by a rotten egg smell. Additionally, some homeowners have even heard a hissing noise from behind their walls.

If you fear that a gas line leak is the issue, evacuate your home at once and call 911. Once emergency repsonse has assessed the situation, you can then call your emergency plumber.

5. Water Heater Leak

A cold shower is a terrible way to start your day and can also indicate serious plumbing issues. If you find your shower isn’t giving you the warm wake-up you need, it’s time to call a professional.

Cold water or even shifts in temperature could be a sign that your water heater is on its last leg.

Additionally, if you see water pooling on the floor around your unit, you especially need to call for help. When water leaks from the bottom of the tank, it can easily collapse and flood the entire home – meaning you can’t afford to wait.

6. Toilets Will Not Flush

When your toilets do not flush, this can be a huge problem. After all, a working toilet is essential to daily life in your Richmond, CA, home.

While you can try to plunge the toilet yourself – it’s only a quick fix to a bigger problem. You don’t want whatever is clogging your line to put undue stress on your system and cause catastrophic failure.

Also, remember that you should never put any drain-cleaning chemicals down your toilet. Not only is it unsafe, but it can also cause serious plumbing issues throughout the home.

Calling An Emergency Plumber

Now that you understand some of the most common plumbing emergencies, you can spot them before it’s too late. Knowing the difference between an emergency and a normal issue is vital when calling your plumbing service provider. For example, a leaky faucet is not necessarily an emergency – unless the faucet in question is streaming water across the room.

That’s why, when you call a plumber, you must ensure you properly identify what is going on and the effects on your home. We suggest that you:

  • Give specific details of what is happening – the more specific you are, the better.
  • State what steps you have taken to stop the issue, such as turning off the main water supply.
  • Let the plumber know if you have already called other companies – such as the gas company, because you suspect a gas line leak.

Ultimately, the more details you can give to identify the issue — the better off you will be because it helps the plumber prepare for what they will face and come up with a proper game plan to get your home running smoothly again.

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