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Why Is A Professional Drain Cleaning Important?

December 17, 2022

7 Reasons You Need Professional Drain
Cleaning In Your Richmond, CA Home

Don’t Take A Risk – Let The Pros Ensure Your
Plumbing Runs Smoothly

How are the drains in your Richmond, CA, home? Is everything running smoothly, or do you find yourself crossing your fingers, hoping the sink empties? If you’re struggling to keep your plumbing running smoothly, it might be time to schedule a professional drain cleaning.

Most people think that getting some slow-running water from time to time is expected. But a slow working drain or decrease in water pressure is serious cause for concern.

A slow drain is a sign that sludge, debris, and detritus has built up inside your pipes. You may notice that you have to use the plunger more than you used to – but left unattended, it will get worse.

Luckily, professional drain cleaning can help alleviate your stress and protect your home from damage. Let’s take a look at the eight reasons you need a professional drain cleaning service for your Richmond, CA home.

1. Say Goodbye To Odors

Have you ever walked by your kitchen sink and got a whiff of something that’s less than pleasant? Don’t worry – it happens to everyone. After all, when you consider what goes down your kitchen sink, it’s no surprise that odors occur.

However, you don’t have to live with those odors for the rest of time. Instead, an expert drain cleaning will remove the organic elements causing the nasty smells. By eliminating the source of the odor, you can rest (and breathe) easily in your kitchen and home.

2. Reduce The Chance Of A Clog

Professional drain cleaning reduces your chances of clogs and the chance of a major backup. Drain cleaning will push years of built-up sludge and waste out into the sewer or septic tank – depending on the setup at your home. 

Ultimately, by having your drain professionally cleaned, you are reducing the chances of having a sewage backup – which can be a costly nightmare.

3. Protects Walls And Floors

If a backup occurs, or a pipe bursts from pressure, water will seep into the floors and walls. The water may seep under tile and behind wallpaper, slowly eroding the floor and wall.

Any amount of water damage can lead to vast problems in your Richmond, CA, home. The results are months of tedious clean-up, thousands in repairs, and health problems from mold, mildew, and more.

4. Save Money On Repairs

For many Richmond, CA homeowners, drain cleaning seems like an optional expense. We get it – budgets are tight, and you’d rather spend your money on something more fun.

However, professional pipe cleaning saves you money in the long run

Routine and consistent drain cleaning will be much less expensive than having to call a plumber because the sewer line bursts. Scheduling preventive maintenance on your home’s plumbing is an essential step in protecting your investment. 

5. Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals

Using the chemicals available from your local store to rid your home of clogs can be tempting. However, while they may fix the problem right now, prolonged use of these chemicals is not suitable for your pipes or the environment.

It’s a quick fix to a serious problem – like slapping a band-aid on an injury that needs surgery. Instead, call a professional to investigate your issue and complete an expert cleaning of your drains.

6. Potential To Reduce Water Bill

With your pipes professionally cleaned, the chances of a small leak due to buildup is minimized. As a result, clean pipes can actually reduce your water bill and save you money on utilities.

One of the most common DIY “fixes” for slow drains is running hot water for long periods of time. The thought is they can melt or wash away the problem. However, most of that effort is wasted – along with the water seeping down your drain.

7. Prevent Noisy Pipes

When pipes become clogged, don’t be surprised to hear some noise from the drains. These noises can occur when showers run, and the washer is cycling – annoying but not life-altering.

While noise may not be a massive issue for some Richmond, CA, homeowners, it does signal a problem beginning in your pipes.

With a professional drain cleaning service, you can eliminate the noise and the underlying problem – once and for all.

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