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Why is your septic tank leaking? Avalon Rooter has the answer!

December 7, 2023
Sewer Services

Time For A Replacement: 6 Reasons Your
Walnut Creek, CA Septic Tank Is Leaking

Why Your Your Septic Tank Is On The Outs

East Bay Area homeowners know that the land can be hard on underground pipes and septic tanks. Tree roots, hilly terrain, and rain can damage septic tanks long before their time. And in your busy life, the LAST thing you want to deal with is a septic tank that’s on the outs.

Getting a septic tank replacement in Walnut Creek, CA is frustrating enough, but replacing a relatively new septic tank due to poor installation, tree roots, or crushed pipes can be downright painful.

Avalon Rooter will replace your failing septic tank with superior materials and ensure everything fits together perfectly.

But why does a septic tank leak? Here are the six most common reasons behind a leaking septic tank.

Reason 1: The Replacement Septic
Tank Was Improperly Installed

At Avalon Rooter, we find ourselves helping many homeowners whose septic tanks were made of poor-quality materials or improperly installed. Inferior materials break down quickly and cause extensive problems, including septic tank leaks.

Too often, other plumbing companies in the East Bay Area care more about making a sale than solving homeowners’ problems and fixing problems in the cheapest way possible – with inferior materials and shoddy workmanship.

At Avalon Rooter, we use only the best materials for your septic tank replacement. We’re not a sales-motivated company dead-set on selling you unnecessary repairs while using poorly made materials you’ll have to replace in just a few years. Our septic tank replacements are built to last.

Reason 2: Tree Roots Have Penetrated
Your Walnut Creek, CA Septic Tank

It’s no secret that tree roots are the bane of many Walnut Creek, CA homeowners when it comes to plumbing systems.

Tree roots can slowly but surely penetrate your pipes, entering a small existing crack and making it wider.

When the growth goes unchecked and you delay maintenance on your sewer system, you’ll have costly and messy septic tank problems on your hands.

An early sign that tree roots have infringed upon your sewer system is clogs. Choose Avalon Rooter for regular maintenance of your sewer line. We’ll conduct a thorough cleaning of your septic line and break up any tree roots that have gotten into the pipes. This will keep your septic line clean and clear.

Reason 3: Your Replacement Septic Tank Is Corroded

Corrosion is a common issue on older septic tanks constructed of iron or concrete. Corrosion eats away sections of the tank – especially areas around the pipes – and causes leaks.

If you have an older septic tank, consider calling Avalon Rooter for a complete sewer inspection to see if your sewer system is running as it should.

If we encounter a problem with your septic system, we can help you find the best options for your home – including septic line and septic tank replacement.

Reason 4: You Have Cracked Or Crushed Pipes
In Your East Bay Area Septic System

The rainy season can make the soil of your yard soft. So soft, in fact, that the pipes connecting to your septic tank – as well as the septic tank itself – can be easily crushed by heavy machinery and large trucks that are in your yard.

Crushed or cracked pipes can cause leaks in your septic system, low water pressure, foul odors, and other sewer system issues.

Reason 5: The Groundwater Level Is Too
High At Your Walnut Creek, CA Home

High groundwater levels are an issue that typically arises during periods with a lot of rain or flooding. If the groundwater level is too high, it can exert excess pressure on your septic tank, causing cracks and leaks.

Reason 6: Your Replacement Septic Tank’s Baffle Is Damaged

The baffle is the name for the part inside your septic tank that separates liquid and solid waste. If it’s damaged, your septic tank is at risk of leaking.

For The Best Septic Tank Replacement In Walnut Creek, CA,
Call Avalon Rooter – The East Bay Area’s Proven Best

When your septic tank leaks, it’s no joke. And it’s DEFINITELY not something to put off until later.

If you believe your septic tank may be leaking, call Avalon Rooter. Our shining reputation for 5-star service and lasting results has made us the top choice for homeowners in Walnut Creek, CA.

If you think you might need a septic tank replacement, don’t hesitate to call us at 510-399-8744 today to schedule a free estimate!