Avalon Rooter

Why Our Core Values = Customer-First Service

February 5, 2024

How Avalon Rooter’s Core Values Result In Customer-First Service In The East Bay

Our Fundamental Beliefs Mean That You Always Get Expert Plumbing Care

When you need sewer or plumbing work in Berkeley, CA, you have numerous contractors to choose from. Why does Avalon Rooter stand apart from the crowd? Because we adhere to a set of core values. Always. We can’t help it anymore. They’ve been with us since our inception. They are ingrained in our company’s DNA. And these core values lead to you receiving the finest possible customer care. Why? Because you matter to us more than anything. Our founders all came from other sewer and plumbing companies, where we witnessed behavior we disdained, such as:
  • Shady business practices.
  • Sketchy sales techniques.
  • Shoddy work.
  • And more.
We disliked how it made us feel – dirty! – so we said goodbye to our unprincipled employers. Then we banded together to form Avalon Rooter. And our first step was to agree that we’d forever abide by a set of customer-first principles. These core values have been our driving force ever since.

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Adhering To These Key Values Is Why We’re The Top Plumbers In The East Bay Area

Our core values are all designed to provide you with exceptional service, attention to your needs and wants, and a successful sewer or plumbing experience. Not to maximize our profits. Yes, we always use superior materials. Yes, we are known for our precision workmanship and five-star service. But it is adherence to our core values that really sets us apart. We feel that by putting you first, our relationship with you will last.

Earning Trust Through Reliability

Firstly, we are consistently reliable. We test all of our work thoroughly before declaring the project complete, and we discuss every step with you to ensure we fully understand your expectations. Only then can we provide you with the outcome you want. We are confident in our work because our technicians are all true employees. We never use subcontractors, as they aren’t known for vetting their staff with the same care that we do. We, however, make certain our workers are friendly, committed, passionate, and highly-trained. Gathering the right people for our team lets us provide impeccable service to every East Bay homeowner who calls. When we quote you a price, you can count on it. When we tell you what time we’ll arrive at your site, you can set your clock by us. And when we provide a completion date, you can expect your project to be done on that date.

Using Integrity In Every Interaction

Of course, sometimes unexpected and uncontrollable issues occur. But when those situations arise, we contact you immediately to warn you of the delay and to give you as much time as possible to adjust. If we are at fault, we take responsibility for it, apologize, and do our best to make it right. We never use high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, we provide the information, time, and space you need to make an informed decision. Our pricing is always fair. and our terms are clear and spelled out in the contract. And, of course, we never play games like charging hidden fees. We always treat you with the respect and honesty you deserve.

Maintaining Clear Communication

As mentioned above, we take responsibility for the rare misunderstanding, scheduling issue, or delay. We don’t point fingers or pass the buck. We never hide behind industry jargon or baffle you with baloney. We simply communicate with you immediately so you can adjust your plans. And we continue to communicate with you throughout the project. We let you know what we’re doing, when we do it, and why we’ve chosen that course of action. We discuss the implications of every decision before we act. We are more than happy for you to ask questions or provide input. Unlike some of our competitors, we never treat your concerns like an inconvenience. Many of our clients tell us this quality is what keeps them coming back to us, again and again, for our expert sewer and plumbing work. If you seek customer-first sewer or plumbing services in Berkeley, CA, contact us at Avalon Rooter today for a free quote. Our devotion to our core company values ensures you receive exceptional service, workmanship, and results.