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Why This Homeowner Sticks With Avalon Rooter

April 16, 2024
Case Studies

When Other Plumbers Drop The Ball,
Our Solutions Are A Slam Dunk

Why This Homeowner Made
Us Her Go-To Plumber

Sometimes at Avalon, our story begins where another East Bay plumbing and sewer company left off. When other plumbers overlook critical details or simply can’t deliver, we step in to save the day. This is exactly what we did for our customer, Dani.

Unfortunately, Dani’s previous contractor botched her sewer line project so badly that she ended up with worse problems than when she started.

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We Find AND Fix Problems Other Plumbers Miss

Dani’s previous plumber failed to replace a vital part of the sewer line, which led to major leaks. So, she was left with no choice but to hire a new plumbing company to correct the first one’s mistakes.

The first three she consulted with said there was NOTHING they could do about it–talk about unhelpful!

Luckily, the fourth plumber she talked to was our owner and founder, Will Feliciano. He diagnosed the issue and devised a plan to solve it permanently.

He was able to replace the sewer line with a properly installed, leak-free one to prevent the problem from recurring.

An Honest Owner = A Customer For Life

From the get-go, Dani could tell that Will was a guy with integrity. After all, integrity is one of the rock-solid core values that Avalon Rooter was founded on.

Specifically, she noted that he never acted “like a salesman” and always explained EXACTLY what he planned to do and WHY it would work. These little details truly set Avalon apart from the herd when it comes to communication and respect.

In addition to the original sewer line project, we’ve had the opportunity to solve multiple smaller plumbing problems over the years – spanning two different properties.

We fixed leaky sinks and a dishwasher, installed a new water heater, and even dealt with a very problematic French drain sump pump.

To Save The Day, First You Have To Show Up

As for what she valued the most, Dani said this:

“When you have a plumbing issue, it’s usually an emergency and very nerve-wracking. He gets to us and gets someone out very quickly. The responsiveness is very meaningful. I’ve recommended Avalon to friends and coworkers, and they all say the same thing.”

In this industry, there’s no bigger compliment than to have one of the homeowners we’ve helped recommend our services to their family or friends. We’re in this business to help people, and we were lucky enough to be able to do just that.

You can count on us to solve your plumbing and sewer problems with the 5-star service you deserve.

Are you a homeowner in the East Bay looking for a plumber you can count on for YEARS to come?

Then, call Avalon Rooter today or get your free quote right here.