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Why Water Line Replacement Is Not A DIY-Type Job

May 30, 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Water Line Replacement In Your Lafayette, CA Home

Water Line Replacement Is Not A DIY-Type Job

If you own a home in Lafayette, CA, you often think of the jobs you can handle on your own. After all, being a responsible homeowner means putting in the time and a little elbow grease to keep your house looking and running great.

While there are many things you can do in your home that are great DIY projects like painting a wall or even trying your hand at laying the floor – when it comes to your plumbing, DIY is never the way to go.

Water line replacement is definitely on the list of projects that you should never attempt on your own, and for a good reason. We have six reasons you should always leave water line replacement up to professionals!

1. DIY Will Take Longer

Let’s face it when a water line needs replacing in your East Bay area home – you don’t want to wait as you are probably experiencing limited water flow to your fixtures or, in worst-case scenarios, no water at all. 

However, since you are unsure how to replace a water line, doing this will take a long time. It is faster to let the professional handle the water line replacement process.

Do you want to take the extra time to try to attempt a replacement that may not work and call a plumber to handle the project? It is faster and easier to go with professionals as soon as you know a water line replacement is needed.

2. Risk Of Contaminating The Water

The purpose of a water line is to deliver water into your home. It provides the water you wash your clothes with and shower in – and your drinking water in most cases.

By trying to replace a water line on your own or even repair the line, you could contaminate the water flowing through the line. For example, many people who attempt a DIY replacement or repair use the wrong type of sealant on a line that leaks dangerous and potentially poisonous material into the water.

Contaminated water can lead to serious health issues – health issues that could have been avoided if you had let the professionals handle the replacement.

3. Potential To Compromise The Plumbing System

Just because a person attempts a DIY water line replacement does not mean that they are not taking the chance of compromising the entire plumbing system.

For example, allowing copper and galvanized pipes to touch each other without the necessary transition between the two can lead to copper pipes corroding. It is a process known as electrolysis – something many DIY people have never heard of.

4. DIY Fixes Are Not Guaranteed

Even if you were to watch a handful of YouTube videos showing a water line replacement happening by those who are active DIYers – that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Many Lafayette, CA, homeowners learn this lesson the hard way with other DIY projects that cause them to spend more money on a fix. Do you want to attempt a water line replacement and hope for the best?

At least with working with a professional, they will have some guarantee on their work, so you know you are protected if something were to go wrong.

5. Affects The Value Of Your Property

All those small DIY tasks you may do throughout your home can affect the value of your property. And it can affect it both negatively and positively.

However, if you were to attempt a DIY water line replacement and mess it up to the point that it affects the rest of your plumbing system, the value of your home will plummet. If you put it on the market, chances are no one would buy at the dollar value you want because they know the entire plumbing system will need to be redone.

Why take the risk of negatively affecting your Lafayette, CA, property value with a DIY water line replacement? It is just not worth it!

6. Wrong Parts Can Equal Disaster

There are tons of different plumbing parts out there. Just because you think it looks like the broken part you need doesn’t necessarily mean it will work. The problem arises when you try to make the part work even though it is wrong.

Forcing a part into an area can break other vital plumbing system components. However, in many DIY situations – this is precisely what happens. A person forces a fitting that doesn’t match and destroys numerous water lines making your entire home into a DIY plumbing horror story.

DIY Is A No-Go For Your Water Line Replacement

Ultimately, if you think that watching a few videos online and reading about various ways to replace a water line makes you an expert – you would be wrong.

Those professionals in the plumbing industry have spent years learning the trade and applying what they know to everyday situations – including water line replacement. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt a DIY water line replacement as you will worsen the situation and be longer without water in your home. 

Plus, who wants to risk making your entire household ill by contaminating the water in the line? It is not worth it when you have a professional to call to remedy the situation.

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