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Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning And What To Expect

June 14, 2024

Professional Drain Cleaning In Alamo, CA:
Why You Need It And What To Expect

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For East Bay Area Homeowners

No homeowner wants to hear the news that their plumbing system is faulty. But when you need rooter services in Alamo, CA, you need them right away.

Frequent sewage backups, foul odors, and clogs are just some of the signs that you need a professional drain cleaning.

As much as you may dread having to call and arrange for a plumber to come to your house, it’s even worse to delay rooter services. Whatever is causing the issue may exacerbate it, causing further problems and putting more strain on your pipes, potentially leading to costly pipe replacements.

We at Avalon Rooter have put together this helpful guide outlining the benefits of a professional drain cleaning and what to expect during the cleaning.

Benefits Of A Professional Drain Cleaning In Alamo, CA

When you need professional drain cleaning, you’re likely dealing with many issues that make your home difficult to live in. After hiring the best in the East Bay Area, you’ll notice the benefits immediately.

No More Foul Odors

A home without proper drainage usually has foul odors from the sinks and toilets due to sewage backup. Say goodbye to bad odors with a professional drain cleaning!

Fewer Clogs In Your Toilet And Sinks

Toilets should flush, and sinks should drain – it’s the way it’s supposed to be. After our professional rooter services, you’ll find you have much quicker drainage and far fewer clogs.

Less Damage To Walls And Floors

When your toilet frequently overflows, your floors, walls, and baseboards bear the brunt of the damage. Water-damaged floors and walls can be an eyesore in your bathroom and can be hard to clean and fix.

Less Bacteria Buildup

When you have bad drains that frequently clog and toilets that overflow, bacteria builds up and spills onto your bathroom surfaces, including on your walls and floors.

After a professional drain cleaning, your toilet won’t clog and overflow as often, providing fewer opportunities for bacteria to build up in your bathroom.

Less Strain On Your Pipes

Neglecting rooter services when you need them can strain your pipes, leading to costly repairs – especially if you live in an older home. Professional drain cleaning alleviates the pressure and strain on your pipes and makes your system more efficient.

Signs That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

If you’re wondering whether your home could benefit from professional drain cleaning or rooter services, there are a few signs to watch out for.

  • Bubbling or gurgling noises coming from your plumbing fixtures
  • Slow drainage in your showers, sinks, and bathtubs
  • You have an older house and pipes
  • Sewage backup
  • Frequent clogs

If you’re experiencing these signs in your home, let the professionals handle it. While you can unclog a drain with a drain snake yourself, the average homeowner doesn’t have the skills or equipment for a thorough drain cleaning.

What Can I Expect When I Schedule Professional
Drain Cleaning Services For My Home?

It can be hard to know what to expect if you’ve never hired professional drain cleaning or rooter services before. Fortunately, we take care of the dirty work – leaving you to enjoy your clear new pipes!

There are a couple of steps to a thorough drain cleaning for your Alamo, CA home, but the whole process generally doesn’t take longer than a few hours.

Drain Snake

Drain snakes – also called augers – are used to deal with simpler clogs, such as when you call a plumber to unclog your drain. We may use a drain snake first to dislodge any existing clogs and clear the way for deeper cleaning.

Video Inspection

At Avalon Rooter, we like to get to the root of the problem, which usually involves using a video to examine your pipes more closely and determine the best method for cleaning them.

Hydro Jetting

To perform a deep clean, we’ll use hydro jetting to clean your pipes. This method is highly effective, as the high-powered water jets can cut through anything – scale, grease buildup, and even root intrusions.

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If your drains aren’t functioning as they should and you want professional rooter services and drain cleaning, call Avalon Rooter at (510) 937-0551 for your free quote!