Core Values

Avalon Rooter

Quality Plumbing & Rooter Work In The East Bay
Done Start To Finish With Integrity.

We’ve Gotten To Where We Are Today By Doing The Right Thing.
These Core Values Make Avalon Rooter What It Is.

Most of us here at Avalon Rooter got our start working for other plumbing and sewer companies in the East Bay, but…to be honest…the way they did things was NOT for us. We hated having to sit there and observe their tacky sales techniques and shoddy workmanship.

And since we didn’t own the companies, there wasn’t much we could do about it. We started Avalon Rooter because we just couldn’t STAND the way other companies were doing things.

We vowed to focus on all the things they lacked. We wanted to be the trustworthy, reliable plumbing company homeowners turn to because they KNOW they’ll get the value they deserve. While they were all about making sales, we were all about actually HELPING homeowners.

These are the core values that have driven us from the very beginning.

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Trust is everything in this business, and unfortunately, a lot of contractors haven’t earned it. That’s why we’ve vowed to do everything we can to EARN the trust of our community. We are honest to a fault and will always give you the whole truth when it comes to your sewer and plumbing.


If there’s one thing you need in a plumber, it’s reliability. Your plumbing and sewer systems need to WORK, and you need the people maintaining and repairing them to be just as reliable. You can always count on us to show up when we say we will and DO everything we’ve promised to do.


We believe the world could use a little more integrity, and we do our part to make that happen. We take pride in the work we do, so we wouldn’t know how to do a sloppy or lackluster job if we tried.


You can’t expect to get anywhere in life if you can’t hold yourself accountable. That’s why we always take responsibility for anything and everything when we’re on a sewer or plumbing job.

Customer Advocacy

We value our customers and the community we serve. Unlike some other companies in the business, we put homeowners first because we see them as partners in our community, not a means for making a buck.