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Easy Gas Line Upgrades In Lafayette, CA,
By Avalon

For All Your Gas Line Needs – Avalon Is Here

Have you always wanted a gas stove in your Lafayette, CA, home? Have you wanted to upgrade to a tankless water heater that uses gas?

There are situations where upgrading your gas lines may be necessary for your East Bay area home.

With the latest and greatest materials on the market, gas line upgrades are common requests for those who live in the area. After all, they want to ensure that the appliance they use with the gas works great, but they also want to ensure their home is safe.

Luckily, Avalon is here for all your gas line upgrades!

Our Gas Line Upgrade Services

Let’s face it, the idea of working on gas lines makes many people squeamish as they worry about all that can go wrong with any upgrade or repair to a gas line. Too often, people have horror stories of natural gas escaping into their homes, causing breathing issues and the like.

However, the key to upgrading your gas lines is to ensure that you have the right company handling the upgrade. Avalon is that company!

When we upgrade the gas line, we use OmegaFlex Tracpipe for these upgrades. Why do we do this? Because it is one of the best materials that you can use for gas lines.

The OmegaFlex Tracpipe is resistant to lightning, earthquakes, and other natural occurrences that can cause damage to other gas line materials. In the East Bay area, there is earthquake activity, so we want to ensure the safety of our customers.

The resistance to natural occurrences is due to the pipe being flexible rather than rigid. When a gas pipe is rigid – that is what often causes cracks and gas to release into the home. But, while it is flexible, it is still very durable!

You can rely on us for all your gas line needs, and know that you are getting the best materials for your upgrade.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

Avalon was started in response to how the plumbing industry was going. We didn’t care for how Lafayette, CA, customers were getting ripped off – or how companies treated their employees.

So, we started Avalon as an answer to the problems we saw. Instead of being concerned about cost, we are concerned about the customer’s plumbing and sewer issues and how we can professionally fix this for them.

We are doing our best to change the industry standards by ensuring our core values are meant to further our business and help our customers. Starting with our five-star customer service in which you know you can count on us to be at the appointment at the time we set – then doing the work needed with the best workmanship ever!

A big part of how we are making a difference in the industry is through the materials we use. We use only the best materials that are made in the United States. We find that those parts made locally are of the highest quality and last longer. No one wants an issue to occur just a few months after repair or replacement due to faulty parts.

Overall, people keep coming to us because they are being respected, we treat them fairly, and we do fantastic work!

FAQs About Gas Line Upgrades

Do Gas Lines Age Out?

Yes, if you have a rigid gas line in your home, it very well could age out when it gets moved. Remember, anytime after an earthquake or something similar hits, it is essential to have the gas lines checked to ensure they are not cracked.

Can We Run New Gas Lines?

Yes, if you have yet to have gas lines run into your home and are looking to get a new gas appliance, we can run an updated gas line to your home if needed.

Are There Signs You Need A Gas Line Upgrade?

Yes, if you have yet to have gas lines run into your home and are looking to get a new gas appliance, we can run an updated gas line to your home if needed.

One of the most significant factors is age. If you have never had anyone check the gas lines, you should get that on your to-do list.

If you find that your gas lines are hissing, then this can be dangerous. Remember, natural gas is highly flammable. If you are ever questioning your gas lines, having an inspection is the best thing to do for your peace of mind.

Will Upgrading Gas Lines Save Energy?

Not necessarily, but many people find that their stoves, hot water heaters, etc., work better with the upgraded gas lines.

Can We Run New Gas Lines?

Yes, if you have yet to have gas lines run into your home and are looking to get a new gas appliance, we can run an updated gas line to your home if needed.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’ve worked with the plumber with clients on many homes through the years. His knowledge and experience, combined with excellent customer service, have made him someone I call upon and refer out to clients again and again. Avalon gets my highest recommendation.”

– Robert J.

“Avalon is personable, thorough, and does things at a great price. The work is fantastic, and I do not see myself calling any other plumber. They are honest and straightforward with what is needed versus what could be done. They are friendly, do clean work, and are speedy.”

– Sarah G.

“I have had need of Avalon’s services twice, and both times, the plumber was responsive and communicative. The prices were fair, and even offered suggestions for potential future projects professionally and without pressure. I will definitely call again for my plumbing needs!”

– Sandy J.

“The plumber was responsive and communicated with me about arrival time. He was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and cost-efficiently. Will most definitely use again.”

– Alex L.