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Don’t Suffer With Septic Problems – Avalon Is Here

Does your Lafayette, CA, home use a septic tank for waste? A septic tank is not meant to last forever, and when it starts to leak – it can be a huge disaster for your property.

Septic tanks can quickly become damaged in the ground, especially if you have tree roots near the septic tank or highly acidic dirt. Cracks in the tank can cause waste to leak into the ground, affecting the groundwater.

Continuously leaking septic tanks can cause a very rank smell that you have to deal with not only when you step outside but it can also leach into your home. It is embarrassing when having guests over, but it is also unsanitary as septic waste could pool in your yard!

Septic tank replacement is the best option when your tank starts to crack and leak in the East Bay area. Luckily, Avalon is here to handle it for you!

Our Septic Tank Replacement Services

Replacing your septic tank at your Lafayette, CA, home is a vast process. And it is definitely not something that anyone should attempt on their own!

Replacing your septic tank starts with removing the ground above the tank – which can get messy if you are dealing with a leak. From there, we will bring in the heavy machinery to remove the tank once we disconnect all crucial lines from the old tank.

We then replace it with a plastic septic tank that has been shown to last longer than the concrete or metal tanks of the past. We ensure that your septic lines are hooked to your new tank and that everything is ready.

The process sounds simple enough, but it can be rather complex when you add in digging into gas or utility lines. However, with our knowledge, we can ensure that it goes smoothly.

Why Do People Turn To Avalon?

There are several reasons why so many people in the East Bay area turn to Avalon for their septic tank replacement needs and other sewer needs. While there are many reasons why people turn to us, people often talk about our fantastic customer service and recommend us to others.

Our customer service is top-notch, as we believe everyone should be treated with respect and care. As part of our customer service, we ensure that our plumbers are punctual with their appointments – after all, who wants to sit around and wait for someone to show up two hours after they said they would be there?

The quality work we do is another reason so many Lafayette, CA, residents rely on us for their septic tank replacement. We believe in using the finest parts when installing or repairing anything, as we want our work to last for many years.

Most importantly, those who call Avalon for their septic tank replacement get us. We do not subcontract our work to others – we do the work so you know who handles your problem.

FAQs About Septic Tank Replacement

How Long Does A Septic Tank Last?

The length of time a septic tank will last depends upon the type of tank that you have. For example, a steel tank often lasts up to twenty years, while a plastic tank can last up to forty years. A concrete tank can be anywhere from fifteen to over forty years, depending on the concrete’s quality and the ground’s acidity.

Upon Removing A Septic Tank, Will There Be A Lot Of Damage?

We will have to remove the tank by digging it up. However, we do our best to ensure that the damage to your ground is quickly reversed once we replace the septic tank and cover it again. We want your property to look as good as possible once we are done with your septic tank replacement.

Are There Ways You Can Prolong The Life Of Your Septic Tank?

Regular maintenance is vital to prolonging the life of your septic tank. Regular maintenance means emptying it when needed, paying attention to all the pipes leading into your septic tank, ensuring the lateral lines are working correctly, and the like.

Otherwise, you will find that the ground itself will play a massive role in how well your septic tank ages.

Is Septic Tank Removal Considered An Emergency?

In any situation where you have waste leaking into the groundwater or sitting on the ground, you can almost guarantee that the sooner you get the septic tank replaced, the better. So, be sure to call as soon as you see the signs of an issue.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“They were great from start to finish – thorough, responsive, excellent service. And a great sense of humor which was appreciated because plumbing issues aren’t fun. The team of plumbers was professional and friendly.”

– Vicki L.

“These guys are great. Friendly AND competent. It would not hesitate for a moment to recommend them for any plumbing job.”

– David A.

“Avalon was quick and communicative. They charged a reasonable price and were honest with their work!”

– TiffCo R.

“Thanks for being our guide through lateral hell… Absolutely top-level service, execution, and communication throughout the whole project. Above and beyond in every way!”

– Steven M.