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If your Lafayette, CA, home has slow drains or unpleasant odors – your sewer system may be to blame. At Avalon Rooter, we have the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem quickly and provide prompt, reliable solutions.

The sewer is a vital component of any home in the Lafayette, CA, area. Your home can quickly become contaminated and uninhabitable without a properly running system. That’s why it’s essential to call a reliable, experienced plumbing company – such as Avalon Rooter – at the first sign of problems with your sewer line.

Luckily, when sewer issues occur, we are here to make everything run smoothly again. Don’t take a chance on inexperienced or unqualified companies – trust the experts at Avalon Rooter.

Our Top Quality Sewer Services

Here at Avalon Rooter, we take a holistic approach to the sewer systems of homeowners in the Lafayette, CA, area. Whether you are dealing with clogged lines, waste backup into the yard, or the like, our goal is to assess the situation, find the cause, and craft a long-term solution.

After years of working in the area, we know every home is different – and the needs of our clients differ, too. For this reason, we have several sewer services to meet the needs of our clients. These services include:

Sewer Inspection

We will take the time to inspect the entire sewer system to note down weak points or areas that could bring trouble your way later.

Sewer Line Replacement

If the sewer line is too old, has crumbled, or has a blockage that cannot be cleaned out, we offer sewer line replacement to get your plumbing up and running again.

Sewer Pump Installation

For those Lafayette, CA, homes with a sewer pump, when it goes out –you are in for a mess. We offer installation services to get your sewer back up and running.

Why Do People Choose To Work With Avalon Rooter?

When we talk to our clients, there are many reasons they choose to work with our team. However, there’s one reason that comes up more than others: our response time.

Let’s face it, if your sewer is acting up, you don’t have time to waste.

That’s why we always take your call and respond as soon as we can. We know that every second counts when your home is experiencing plumbing issues – and we’re ready to act fast.

In addition to our response time, loyalty to our customers sets us apart from the competition. We want you, your family, and your home to be protected from plumbing issues. That’s why we’re honest about your options and treat your home with the care and respect you deserve.

Overall, our years of experience and friendly attitude keep people coming back to us for their sewer services. With our experience, there is no situation we haven’t seen or one we can’t fix!

FAQs About Sewer Services

Should I Be Worried About That Strange Smell?

When many people have sewer issues, they often complain of a smell throughout their homes – especially near their sinks. While odor is not always a cause for concern, it can be one of the first signs of a larger issue.

If you notice a smell that lingers for a few days, it may be worth having your sewer line, or septic tank inspected to ensure there are no issues.

What Is One Of The Best Ways To Prevent Sewer Line Buildup?

Watch what you are putting down your drains!

Often, the sludge in sewer lines is nothing more than grease combined into the pipes to form a plug. We always recommend that you avoid putting oil down your drains, run hot water after washing dishes, and always use cold water when running the garbage disposal to prevent issues.

How Long Will You Be Without A Bathroom When We Work On
Your Sewer Lines?

It depends upon the job. However, we try our best to fix sewer issues as soon as possible, so your daily life is not affected. Many people find it easier to have us work on their sewer lines while at work, so no one at home has to worry about access to the bathroom.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I can’t recommend Will and his team from Avalon Services highly enough. They executed a really difficult lateral sewer replacement for my house in Oakland. Will was incredibly communicative and responsive through the whole process, and they left my property looking completely undisturbed. Thank you again!!”

Derek W.

“Will and his team did an excellent job replacing the ~100-year-old, ~100ft-long sewer line at our home. The project was quite large, requiring permitting from the city and digging into the street. Will pulled all the needed permits, worked through all the inspections and did a good job keeping the street open for the neighbors during the project.
The pipe replacement work was of top-notch quality, and they pressure tested all the replaced pipes and did nice concrete work over the areas that had to be trenched. The line replacement comes with a 10-year warranty too!”

Alan T.

“Will was highly responsive, and he and his team quickly found and repaired a leak in our sewage line that had been causing significant problems. Courteous and professional. Highly recommend.”

Louis A.