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Residential Water Service Line Replacement
In Lafayette, CA

Avalon Offers Water Line Replacement To Have Your
Water Flowing Smoothly

If you have noticed changes in your water in your Lafayette, CA, home, it could be that your water service line requires replacement. Many problems can arise with the main water line in your home. These problems may include the following:

  • A break in the line allows water to leak
  • Corrosion on the inside of the line causes disruptions to the water flow
  • Roots from nearby trees or shrubs have broken the line

And many others! These problems with your East Bay area water service line can affect water flow into your home, lead to water discoloration, and numerous other issues.

When you notice a problem, you must get professional help to rectify the issue. Luckily, Avalon is here to help!

Our Residential Water Service Line Replacement Services

As a qualified plumber, Avalon is ready to replace your residential water service line. A replacement is often the better option rather than repair for several reasons. However, replacing the line eliminates many worries that you will face the same issues in a few months.

Our goal with water service line replacement is to dig up the line and then replace this with a better quality pipe that will not give you the issues you are experiencing now. Due to the nature of the main water lines, the issue could be under the house or even in the ground leading from your meter.

However, no matter the location, we will minimize the damage done throughout your yard so you have no worries about having to redo your yard while also worrying about your water. There is nothing worse than one issue causing another problem to deal with.

Signs Your Water Service Line Needs Replacing

Several signs point to your water service line needing to be replaced. Calling us is your next step if you have any of these signs. These signs include the following:

  • Noticing discolored water often described as having a rust red or brown color
  • Water that has an odd smell to it
  • Being unable to run two appliances, such as your washer and dishwasher, at the same time
  • Poor water pressure with every fixture in your home

People complain about these main signs, but more minor signs may rear their ugly heads when the primary service line is being impacted.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

So many people turn to us for the East Bay area plumbing needs.

Superior Materials

We only use the best of the best when it comes to the materials we use to replace your water service line. We only use US-made pipes and fittings as they last longer. You will find that other Lafayette, CA, plumbers may use imported pipes and fittings, which will not last as long.

Precision Workmanship

Unfortunately, many people who claim to be plumbers are using other people to work after they land the contract. With Avalon, we use our own plumbers trained to do the work.

We all take our work very seriously and ensure that everything is put together with no mistakes. We want your plumbing replacement to last for many years, which is what our precision workmanship ensures.

5-Star Service

When getting a plumber to your home, you have probably had a similar experience to most people: dealing with someone who is never on time and who pressures you into doing more.

That is not our way here at Avalon. We believe in punctuality, ensuring our customers know what we are doing and what needs to be done without pressuring them into a sale, and listening to what our customers need.

Ultimately, people turn to us because they love how we listen and treat them respectfully.

FAQs About Water Service Line Replacement

Can We Help You Finance Your Water Service Line
Replacement Project?

Yes, we offer financing through Wisetack, as we know that replacing your water service line may be something other than what you have in your daily budget.

How Long Will It Take To Replace A Water Service Line?

We always aim to get you up and running within a day. However, it could take longer if you have other issues with the water line. We will contact you about any delays and give you a timeframe for the completion of your quote.

Can You Use Water During The Replacement Process?

We will turn the water off during replacement as you don’t want to pay a high water bill because water would be gushing out when the line is replaced. During the time in which work is happening, you cannot run water in your home.

Could Leaving A Damaged Water Service Line Installed Lead To
Water Contamination?

It depends on the type of pipe you have. However, anytime the water service line is damaged, it could lead to dirt and debris getting into your clean water.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Professional, courteous, and available over the holidays. Timely and great communication. I have used Avalon Services on three separate occasions, for three different issues and am extremely satisfied with their work.”

– Todd M.

“Finally, a plumber that shows up on time, does the work on time, on budget and does it right. The plumbers do an amazing job, are courteous, clean, empathetic and overall the guys you want to call the stuff happens. Highly recommended!”

– A. C.

“We used Avalon Services for trenching, plumbing, drainage, water main and sewer installation. The team of plumbers were very professional and capable and did every task perfectly while showing great consideration for our busy commercial tenant’s operations.”

– Bonnie F.