Superior Materials

Avalon Rooter

We Utilize ONLY Superior Materials On East Bay
Plumbing And Sewer Projects… Period.

Your Plumbing System Is Only As Strong
As Its Weakest Point.

Here’s the truth: It’s really, really easy for East Bay sewer and plumbing contractors to get away with using inferior materials.

Since sewer and plumbing jobs are typically done underground or in “hidden” areas of your home, you don’t actually SEE what your contractor is installing. And even if you did… could you honestly tell the difference between a high-quality copper pipe and a low-quality one? Or whether your contractor is using ARC couplings or Tyler no-hub couplings?

This is why so many sewer and plumbing contractors get away with using cheap materials. You, the homeowner, won’t know the difference… until it’s too late and those materials quickly FAIL.

At Avalon Rooter & Plumbing, we’d never DREAM of pulling this bait-and-switch tactic. You and your home are too important to us to use any material that’s less than the absolute BEST… End. Of. Story.

Why? Because you’re hiring us to solve your sewer or plumbing problem – and we take that responsibility SERIOUSLY.

Doing the right thing is hardwired in our company’s DNA. That includes using only the top materials. Because even though you might not know the difference between a good copper pipe and a bad one… WE do.

Our Materials Last LONGER

We choose all of our materials based on QUALITY. To us, that means the product should last for decades, not a few months. That’s why we pay a little more than our competitors do for US-made pipes and fittings that last longer than cheap, imported ones. Not many in this business care enough to do that, but for us, EVERY piece is important.

The Toughest Products On The Market

Your plumbing system is NOT something you want to fail, which is why it pays to invest in stronger materials that won’t rupture under pressure. For example, our pipes are made of Type L Copper, as opposed to Type M Copper.

What’s the difference?

Type L Copper is nearly TWICE as thick as Type M. Type M is so thin it can be easily bent by hand, and Type L can’t, which is why it’s approved for underground installation. While some plumbers use it only for underground work, we insist on using Type L Copper pipes EVERYWHERE on EVERY project.

Clean, Pristine Appearance

We’ll be honest: sewer and plumbing materials aren’t much to look at. Pipes, water heaters, and gas lines don’t exactly have the “wow” effect of new windows or siding.

But trust us – when it comes to sewer and plumbing installation, you can DEFINITELY tell the difference between clean and sloppy workmanship.

When all is said and done, we leave your sewer, tankless water heater, and every other component of your home looking better than it did when we got there. Whatever it takes to do the repairs, we leave no trace we were ever there.

We specialize in flawless installs. Whether you’re getting a new Navien tankless water heater or are upgrading your gas line, we make sure every product is installed perfectly and well integrated into your home’s aesthetic.

TRUE Value For Your Money

More Bang For Your Buck With Hundred Dollar Bills

The last thing you want is a sewer or plumbing system that can’t take the pressure… literally. That’s why we make absolutely sure that everything we install is designed to hold up to normal wear and tear and beyond.

The US-made, Type L Copper pipes we use are built to withstand pressure. Type M Copper pipes, on the other hand, are so thin they can rapidly develop pin holes and major leaks. You may save a little money on your pipes now, but you’ll pay MUCH more money down the line when they fail.

That’s why we insist on installing quality pipes and fittings, in the first place.

The Tightest Fitting Pipes

Just like our pipes, all our fittings are high-quality and US-manufactured. You can only get a truly tight fit if you have good fittings. The same applies to the couplings on your sewer system. If they won’t hold, the whole system fails.

That’s why we use ARC couplings, instead of the typical Tyler no hub couplings many other companies use. Our couplings are sturdier, longer, and cost a LOT more, but they’re well worth the investment.

The ARC couplings we use are designed to withstand ground shifting and some degree of earthquake movement, which is downright necessary in the East Bay Area. We can also tighten the band on our couplings up to 80 PSI, as opposed to the 60 PSI the Tyler couplings can handle.