Precision Workmanship

Avalon Rooter

The East Bay’s PRECISE Plumbing & Sewer Specialist

We Apply Precision Workmanship To EVERYTHING We Do.

Your sewer and plumbing systems need to fit together PERFECTLY. They can’t be “close-enough” or ALMOST exact. If even a tiny gap, pinhole, or other MISTAKE slips through the cracks, you’ll end up with leakage. That’s why it pays to hire a plumbing and rooter company with the precision to do the job right the first time.

We don’t want to install a new sewer line that’s going to FAIL in a couple years and cost you THOUSANDS of extra dollars. We want to install one that will last for DECADES.

That’s why every single project we complete is treated with the precision workmanship that has come to be our calling card.


Team Photo Avalon Rooter With Equipment

You probably wouldn’t trust your healthcare to an inexperienced doctor or fly with a commercial pilot who’s still learning.

Well, you shouldn’t trust an inexperienced contractor to handle your plumbing or sewer line, either. All of our technicians have been in the business for years and are fully trained, insured, and certified.

Attention To Detail

Photo Of Tiny House Under Magnifying Glass

Plumbing truly is precision work. We know this, which is why we overlook NOTHING when we inspect and repair sewer lines and plumbing systems in the East Bay.

We don’t accept “good” installations or repairs that “do the job.” With Avalon Rooter, every single piece needs to fit PRECISELY in the right place. If it’s not done correctly, it’s not done at all.

No Subcontractors

Avalon Rooter Two Technicians Standing Truck

It’s probably an understatement to say subcontractors have a negative reputation. Too often, you’ll end up with a botched job and little recourse for making it right.

That’s why we don’t use them. At Avalon Rooter, every single technician is someone we know and trust like they’re part of our family. They’re our actual employees, they’re insured, and they’re great at what they do.

Done Right The First Time

Photo Of Notepad And Plumbing Tools On A Table

If you find yourself calling a plumber over and over to deal with the SAME issue, they’re not solving the problem. At best, they’re providing patchwork solutions, knowing full well that they’ll fail in a year or two at best.

That’s why we put so much effort, preparation, and focus into doing the job ABSOLUTELY right the first time. We treat every plumbing & sewer project we take on with the focus, patience, and precision it deserves.


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We believe you should stand by your products and services. That’s why our warranties are so much better than what’s standard in our industry. The materials we work with come with great product warranties, and we also offer our own labor warranties.

Why? Because we want you to feel safe and secure working with us.