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We Offer High-Powered, Efficient Jetter
Services For East Bay Homeowners

When A Drain Snake Just Won’t Cut It, Avalon Rooter
Shows Up With Our High-Pressure Jetter System.

Keeping your East Bay sewer line clear is one of our specialties, but sometimes a drain snake is COMPLETELY inadequate. That’s why we offer high-pressure jetter services for those situations where nothing else will cut it.

Why do we sometimes insist on busting out the big guns to get your sewer line clear?

Because a partially clean sewer line is a problem waiting to happen. There’s little point in HALF cleaning your sewer drain if it’s just going to clog up again. That’s why we prefer to use Superior Technology

Our Ultra-Powerful Brute Portable Cart Jetter

See What 4,000 PSI Of Pressure Can Do For Your Sewer Drain:

Not all hydro jetter systems are the same. In fact, the difference between ours and the standard used by other rooter companies in the East Bay is VAST.

While many other plumbers use a 1500 PSI jetter system, ours delivers 4,000 PSI, at a rate of 9 gallons per minute!

For all you non-plumbers out there, this may not mean much, but our powerful Brute Portable Cart Jetter can clean even pipes as large as 6 inches in diameter. Most others will be less-than-effective above a diameter of 3-4 inches.

Numbers aside, what it comes down to is pressure and power. Our jetter is simply better than those used by our East Bay competition.

When Should You Use A Jetter?

Jetters come in handy when the buildup in your pipes is not solid. Branches, twigs, and other solid pieces of debris can be removed with a drain snake, but sludge and other semi-liquid buildup is MUCH harder to remove. Only gallons and gallons of SUPER high-pressure water can do that–and that’s exactly what our Brute Jetter system brings to the table.

Why Choose Avalon Rooter For Your East Bay
Sewer & Plumbing Needs

See Why Homeowners Choose Avalon Over The Competition:

At Avalon Rooter, we pride ourselves on our integrity. It’s one of Our Core Values and arguably our most important one. Integrity leads to respect, which leads to great results. That’s our attitude, anyway.

We believe in treating everyone we encounter–even your neighbors–with the respect they deserve. We go out of our way to accommodate you during the entire time we are working on your property and truly provide 5-Star Service.

As for our Precision Workmanship, we take it VERY seriously. We don’t consider the job done until it’s perfect, and we don’t leave you with a mess to clean up.

A Few Of Our Excellent Plumbing & Rooter Reviews

See What Real East Bay Homeowners Think About Avalon Rooter:

“I’ve called on a few different plumbers this past year, and none of them quite hit the mark. I think I’ve finally found my forever plumbers. Communication was clear, appointments were kept, and best of all Evan–who was assigned to us–was knowledgeable, personable, straightforward, did the job swiftly, and did not rip us off by suggesting replacements we didn’t need.

He fixed both issues for us efficiently, and we were happy with the service Avalon provided. Thank you!”

Sam Breach

“We had Zach out at our house today, and he was awesome. We’ve been dealing with an ongoing clog in our line. With 4 kids ages 5 and under we experience many of these scenarios with toys/items going down without us looking. This time around has been quite a lot of work to figure out.

Avalon has been patiently and consistently working through the jam in our line. They used great technology by sticking a camera down to show me in real time what’s going on. They went above and beyond to get into my crawl space to ensure what the pathway of piping looked like so that way the resolution was thoroughly examined before “opening things up”. 5 stars all around! Keep up the great work.”

Lucas Fitch

“Zack was professional, thorough, and communicative throughout the camera inspection of our upper and lower sewer laterals. Thank you!”

Daniel Radovich

A photo of the Brute Jetter system on a white background for Avalon Rooter in the East Bay area in CA

Our Plumbing, Rooter & Jetter Services FAQs

When Do I Need Jetter Services?

Jetter services are necessary if you have a clog in your line that is not made up of hard debris. Unfortunately, a drain snake will only make a mess if you have sludge buildup in your sewer line. A 4,000 PSI Brute Jetter, on the other hand, can completely clear it out.

How Often Will I Need To Clear Out My Sewer Line?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some homes can go years without needing jetter services, while others will need to clear out their sewer drain multiple times a year. If you are having to do it this frequently, though, there may be a problem with your sewer lateral.

How Long Will Jetter Services Take?

Under normal circumstances, clearing out your sewer line with our Brute Jetter is a less-than-one-day project.

Why Does Sludge Form In My Sewer??

Sludge is simply the buildup of organic matter in your pipes or drain. There is nothing you can do to permanently prevent it, but you should schedule a drain cleaning if you notice a buildup or signs of clogging.

Do You Charge For Estimates?

No, unless we have to perform diagnostic work like cutting into your wall or pipes, we will not charge you anything for estimates.