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Better Jetter Services For The East Bay

August 4, 2023

Don’t Waste Your Hard-Earned Money On Sub-Par Jetter Services

Avalon Rooter’s High-Pressure Jetter System Keeps Your East Bay Drains Clean & Clear.

Sometimes a mechanical drain snake just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s because the clog goes too deep or because the sludge is just too viscous, there are times when high-pressure water jetters are the ONLY way to get your East Bay drains clear.

Of course, all jetter systems are not the same, and SO many plumbers out there get away with using inferior products and delivering subpar results.

As with everything we do, we set out to do our drain cleaning services a little differently….

Dedication To Using The Best Products Available

Part of our commitment to using only superior materials on your East Bay homes involves using superior equipment.

That’s why we insist on using the more powerful Brute Portable Cart Jetter that holds about 100 gallons of water, operates at a rate of 9 gallons per minute, and delivers 4,000 PSI of pressure.

This is enough to clean even larger 6-inch pipes, which a standard jetter can’t do.

Higher Pressure Means A Deeper And More Thorough Clean

In addition to being able to clean thicker pipes, the higher pressure jetter can provide a more thorough clean. Other jetter systems remove only SOME of the sludge and debris that has accumulated.

The 4,000 PSI Brute Jetter is strong enough to get the majority of clogs and sludge, even when it is VERY deep within your pipes or drainage system.

This protects your home from future clogs and saves you from having to pay for rooter services again in the near future.

We can’t guarantee your drain will stay clear forever, but we can make sure it’s 100% clear when we leave your home.

We Never Leave A Job Partially Finished

What it all comes down to is that we refuse to call it quits until the job is fully, 100% complete.  Some rooter companies are content to leave your drain somewhat clean.

In fact, they might even prefer it that way because they get the chance to charge you more money just to do the same job again in a few months.

That’s not how we do things.  We won’t leave until your sewer drain is completely and unequivocally clear, beyond any shadow of a doubt.

We make a point of using the best equipment, but it’s our work ethic and dedication to giving nothing but 5-star service that leads us to check, double-check, and even triple-check our work.

Top-notch products are great, but top-tier products in the hands of skilled technicians who genuinely CARE?

That’s our true formula for success, and it’s why our jetter services really are better than the competition’s.

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