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Beware Low-Ball Rooter Offers In The East Bay

July 1, 2023

Watch Out For The Drain Cleaning SCAM Making Its Way Around The East Bay

Why That Offer For “$100 Rooter Services” Can Cost You Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars.

Who doesn’t want to save money?  No one!  That’s why low-ball offers on East Bay rooter services are so effective.   It would be great if they were REAL, but they’re a scam more often than not.

Unscrupulous plumbers will advertise super low drain cleaning services, which many homeowners will happily take advantage of.

Once they arrive, though, they will inspect your drain and inform you the basic drain cleaning they advertised just won’t cut it–and the price will ONLY go up from there.

The other trick they might pull is to clean your drain and then shamelessly hand you a bill that’s WAY higher than the advertised price. How can they get away with that?

The consumer’s worst enemy: HIDDEN FEES!

How To Tell A Good Deal From A Low-Ball SCAM

In the world of East Bay plumbing and rooter work, prices you see in advertisements should NOT be taken at face value.  Here’s why:

Every home and situation is unique. Without looking at your property, how can they know for sure how much the services will cost?

They can’t, which is why their ads are so misleading.

These low-ball advertisements will usually say something like “drain cleaning services starting at $75” or “rooter services for less than $100.”

These are pretty low prices for professional drain cleaning–so low, in fact, that they wouldn’t make money if they actually charged those prices.

We’ll let you in on a secret: they don’t!

They will end up sneaking in hidden fees and additional charges, but that’s only if they don’t find a way to convince you more work is necessary….

How They Get You To Spend MORE

Maybe the drain cleaning doesn’t include accessing your drain, so there’s a “drain access fee” or a built-in fee just for showing up.

Technically, the part of the job they specifically describe as “drain cleaning” doesn’t cost more than $100, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll wind up paying more.

Oftentimes, they will take it a step further, though. In many cases, the technician will tell you the situation is a lot worse than they thought, so the standard price won’t apply.

They may even tell you that they need to call their supervisor because your situation is too complicated for them to handle on their own.

Nine times out of ten, this is a pure scam. They are just calling the manager to come twist your arm (not literally) until you agree to pay for additional services.

An Honest Avalon Price Quote

With Avalon Rooter, the price we quote you on your drain cleaning or rooter services won’t be shockingly low–because it will be TRUE.

Whether it’s just a matter of rooter services, or we need to replace your sewer lateral, we give detailed, accurate estimates based on a thorough inspection of your property.

Chances are, you won’t be blown away by how low the price is, but you can rest assured it’s based on our expert analysis. We’re not going to sugar-coat things or sneak in hidden fees.

Honesty and integrity are built into our company DNA.

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