Sewer Pump Installation

Avalon Rooter

We Have The Experience And Materials For Precise
Sewer Pump Installation In The East Bay

Your Sewer Pump Is A Complex Machine, So You Should ONLY
Trust Absolute Professionals To Install And Maintain It.

Let’s face it. Your sewer pump has a critical, challenging, and dirty job to do. A machine THAT important should be maintained and installed by the East Bay’s sewer experts, not by an amateur handyman or a plumbing company that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

That’s where we come in. We ARE sewer and plumbing experts, and our technicians spend each and every day figuring out how to rescue home and business owners from sewer catastrophes.

Well…it’s not always that dramatic, but anyone who has ever had a problem with their sewer pump knows how stressful and unpleasant that situation can be.

Why A Sewer Pump Vs. A Sewer Lateral?

Homes and buildings that are built on mostly flat or slightly downward sloping land can rely on gravity to move wastewater out and into the sewer. However, some homes are built on inclines, hills, or valleys where this type of sewer system is simply not feasible.

Sewer pumps rely on pressure, rather than gravity, so they are able to move wastewater to the sewer, regardless. While we are willing to install different styles of sewer pump, we do strongly recommend E/One’s Pressure Sewer System. It is the most efficient and longest-lasting sewer pump system we’ve worked with in the East Bay.

Why Choose Avalon Rooter To Install YOUR Sewer Pump

Photo Of Avalon Rooter Van

Most of us have been in this business for a while, and we’ve seen many different sides of the plumbing business: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All that experience has helped us boil down our own approach to plumbing and sewer maintenance…one where we focus on stellar service, technical precision, and an overall attitude of integrity.

Superior Materials

The truth is a sewer pump simply won’t last as long as a gravity-powered sewer lateral. That said, our sewer pumps last longer and operate WAY better.

Precision Workmanship

We’ve said it before, but plumbing is precision work. If everything is not watertight, tested, and tested again, we do NOT trust it. To get our seal of approval, everything needs to be in the EXACT right place.

5-Star Service

No one needs to waste their hard-earned dollars on a plumbing company that doesn’t respect their time and space. Even if they do good work, we believe in the true spirit of service to the people we help.