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What You Need To Know About Your Main Sewer Drain In El Cerrito, CA

August 25, 2023
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What You Need To Know About Your Main Sewer Drain In El Cerrito, CA

A Few Key Things To Know About Your Sewer Line

The last two words you want to hear together when thinking about your home in El Cerrito, CA, are sewer and emergency.

Most people don’t know a lot about their sewer systems. Who even really thinks about their sewer lines until there’s an issue?

Avalon Rooter does.

Our experienced professionals are experts at sewer services including the following:

We’ve put together some need-to-know basics about your main sewer drain.

What Is Your Main Sewer Drain?

The main sewer drain of your house in the East Bay area is what carries waste from every sink, toilet, and shower out of your home. That also includes things like garbage disposals and washing machines.

Also known as your “main line,” it’s what all the other drain pipes in your house connect to. This line travels out of your home and away from your house toward the city connection or your septic system.

Your main sewer drain line is larger than the drain pipes you may see under your sink or behind your toilet. Its size allows it to carry all the waste from your house away more efficiently.

Your home’s “main line” may or may not have a cleanout. This is an access point located just outside the house where, if your main sewer drain becomes clogged or backed up and in need of sewage service, professionals like us here at Avalon Rooter will be able to take care of the problem.

If your home doesn’t have a cleanout, you may want to consider having one installed.

How To Spot A Problem With Your Main Sewer Drain

If something goes wrong with your main sewer drain, you’ll know.

A common sign that you have a problem with your main sewer drain, and not just with one smaller pipe, is if multiple drains in your home are backing up.

If water backs up in the shower when the toilet flushes, you may have a problem with your main line.

If sewage is coming up from your floor drain, which you will likely smell as well, this is another sign you probably have a problem with your main sewer drain.

Sewage could also be coming up from your cleanout pipe – another sign of a problem with your main line.

Some other indicators of a main sewer drain issue could include the following:

  • Sinks or toilets backing up when running your washing machine.
  • The backup is located in the lowest part of your home.
  • Using water in one part of the home causes gurgling sounds to come from drains in other parts of your home.

What To Do If Your Main Sewer Drain Backs Up

The main sewer drain of your East Bay home getting clogged isn’t a common problem to have. As mentioned earlier, your main line is larger than the drainage pipes that empty into it. However, when enough sludge builds up, combined with enough debris, your main line can become clogged and could cause a severe sewer system issue.

The best course of action when experiencing a sewer system problem is to contact a professional sewage company as soon as possible. Some people will attempt to fix the issue themselves, but this isn’t advised.

At Avalon Rooter, we are the sewer and plumbing specialists you can trust.

We have the expertise to get to the root of your problem.

You should now be more informed on your main sewer drain and how it works, and signs of a potential problem.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs of a main sewer drain sewage problem with your home in El Cerrito, CA, call Avalon Rooter at (510) 399–8744.

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