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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Replace
Your Septic Tank In El Cerrito, CA

Have Your Septic Tank Replaced By
A Company You Can Trust

Don’t hesitate when it comes to a septic tank replacement in El Cerrito, CA. A septic tank can last 20-30 years if well maintained.

However, when it’s time to replace it, your first call should be to Avalon Rooter.

We provide septic tank replacements that are second to none in the East Bay area. With experts trained and experienced, we can precisely install your new septic tank.

Septic Tank Replacement Services In El Cerrito, CA

Workers digging out a septic tank in a construction area in El Cerrito, CA, by Avalon Rooter.

Septic Tank Replacements

There are some signs that your septic tank needs replacing.

  • If raw sewage starts backing up.
  • If your grass is very green around the septic tank.
  • If there are puddles that have a foul odor like sulfur.

If you find yourself needing your septic tank replaced, Avalon Rooter is your best option. We’re the contractor that will replace your septic tank with the skills necessary to handle the job.

A close-up view of a water line pipe dug up in El Cerrito, CA, by Avalon Rooter

Why Avalon Rooter Is The Right
Choice In El Cerrito, CA

We’re A Clear Step Above
The Competition

When it comes to plumbing and sewage services, you want a contractor you know will take care of the problem.

We here at Avalon Rooter are the solution.

We Use Superior Materials

We only offer our customers durable materials that are a cut above the rest. We use what we know will get the job done and will continue to perform well into the future.

We Offer True Precision Workmanship

Our technicians are trained and maintain the skills necessary to perform installations precisely.

These aren’t subcontractors. We hire experienced craftsmen who work for Avalon Rooter.

You hired us. You get us.

5-Star Service For Our Customers

We strive to make every customer’s experience smooth and painless.

We understand the hassle involved when needing a plumber, so we work to relieve as much stress as possible throughout the process.

Avalon Rooter’s Core Values

Integrity, honesty, and ethics.

These are our core values. It’s how we’ve operated our business since our doors first opened and how we will proceed to do so in the future.

It’s what our customers expect, and it’s what they receive.

Avalon Rooter’s Company Culture

We are proud of our reputation. We work hard to be a company that the community of El Cerrito, CA can trust.

When people in our community need a plumbing or sewer contractor, they know who to turn to.

They turn to Avalon Rooter.

Customer Reviews of Avalon Rooter In El Cerrito, CA

We’ve Earned Our Reputation One Sewer At A Time

“Avalon Rooter did a great job. They were quick throughout the process, and that’s the best when your toilet won’t flush. They came to my home, figured out the issue, and got it solved. The owner is a great person to deal with. Very knowledgeable, and fun to talk with. They made the whole experience better. Can’t say enough for this great company.”

Mike Z.

“FINALLY, a plumber that shows up on time and does the work on time, on budget, and correctly. The team does an amazing job. They are courteous, clean, and empathetic, and overall, they are who you want to call when stuff happens. I highly recommend them! By the way, this is after 12 calls to various other highly rated companies that don’t get back to you, no-show you, or ghost you.”


“We were very, very pleased with the service we received when we had a major backup. Thank you.”

Carrie M.

5 Questions El Cerrito, CA, Homeowners
Ask About Avalon Rooter

Q: Why Choose Avalon Rooter For
A Septic Tank Replacement?

A: Avalon Rooter is an ethical company that focuses on serving its customers. We operate with honor and honesty. We do great work and respect and value every customer we have.

Q: What Do Your Septic Tank Replacements Cost?

A: When we come to consult with you, we’ll be able to give an accurate price for the job.

If no extra work is involved in determining the problem, the estimates are free.

Q: How Long Do Septic Tank Replacements In El Cerrito, CA, Take?

A: A septic tank replacement in El Cerrito, CA will depend on the scope of the job at hand.

Call us at (510) 399–8744 for a free consultation. After we assess the project, we’ll better understand the projected timeline.

Q: What Areas Of East Bay Do You Serve?

A: We serve many areas in the East Bay, including the El Cerrito area. For a more detailed list of our service areas, please visit our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Avalon Rooter?

A: You can find more information about Avalon Rooter here:

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