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Trust Avalon Rooter With Your
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No homeowner wants to think about replacing their home’s septic tank – but when you need a septic tank replacement for your Kensington, CA home, Avalon Rooter is the company to call.

While no one likes to think about it, septic tanks fill up over time and need to be replaced when that time comes. Avalon Rooter uses solid, high-quality septic tanks that will keep your home’s septic system running smoothly for decades to come.

Inferior septic tanks can crack or spring leaks – something that’s bound to happen if you hire a budget company that cuts corners to save a few bucks. At Avalon Rooter, we give 100% to our customers and provide only the very best solutions.

We Provide Durable, Dependable Septic Tank Replacement
Services For Kensington, CA Homeowners

Digging up septic tank for replacement

Septic Tank Replacement

When you notice signs that the septic tank of your Kensington, CA home is on the outs, you can depend on Avalon Rooter for efficient, reliable septic tank replacement. We carry concrete, fiberglass, and polyurethane septic tanks, which can last up to 40 years.

Two men replacing manhole cover on concrete septic tank

Avalon Rooter: We’re Kensington, CA’s Top Choice
For Honest, Dependable Service And
Impeccable Workmanship

Trust Your Tank To
The Very Best

Superior Materials

Septic tanks should last at least four decades – so why are there so many inferior plumbing companies that install shoddy septic tanks that break down in just a few years? At Avalon Rooter, you’ll never have to worry about these problems because we only use the best materials available.

Precision Workmanship

At Avalon Rooter, there’s no such thing as “close enough.” Even the slightest incongruence can be disastrous when it comes to something as vital as a septic tank replacement. Avalon Rooter does the job right the first time.

5-Star Service

When it comes to our customers, our standards at Avalon Rooter are high. We believe in honest, straightforward communication, knowledgeable and experienced technicians, and solution-oriented thinking.

Reviews: See What Kensington, CA, Homeowners
Have To Say About Our Services

Friendly And Punctual Service

“I can’t recommend Will and his team from Avalon Rooter highly enough. They executed a really difficult sewer lateral replacement for my house in Oakland. Will was incredibly communicative and responsive through the whole process, and they left my property looking completely undisturbed. Thank you again!!”

Derek W.

“Will and the Avalon Rooter crew did a complicated sewer lateral job at our newly purchased home in Oakland. They were thoughtful, courteous, and professional. They clearly explained all the work to be done, asked for our input whenever a choice needed to be made, and went the extra mile repeatedly to make sure that we were happy with the work. They are wonderfully easy to work with and communicate very well. I’ll be using their services for all my plumbing needs, and you should too!”

Russ G.

“Zack was professional, thorough, and communicative throughout the camera inspection of our upper and lower sewer laterals. Thank you!”

Daniel R.

FAQs: 5 Common Questions Kensington, CA, Homeowners
Have About Our Septic Tank Replacements

Q: How Do I Know When My Septic Tank Needs To Be Replaced?

A: If any of the following signs are true, then your septic tank might need replacing:

  • Green patches of grass where your tank is
  • Abnormal algae blooms in nearby water
  • Perpetually damp soil near your tank
  • Sewage backup in your toilets
  • Gurgling sound from drains
  • Foul odors near the tank
  • Water drains slowly

Q: What Materials Are Septic Tanks Made Of?

A: Concrete tanks are the most common, and fiberglass or polyurethane tanks are lightweight and durable. Steel tanks are rarer and more common in older homes due to how quickly they become corroded.

Q: How Can I Prolong The Life Of My Septic Tank?

A: Ways to prolong the life of your septic tank are usually as simple as being mindful of what you flush and regularly pumping your septic tank.

Q: How Can I Avoid Root Intrusions In My Septic System?

A: Root intrusions are one of the most common problems that arise in the septic systems of homeowners in the East Bay Area. But there are a few ways to prevent root intrusions, such as avoiding planting trees or shrubs near your septic line or septic tank and having your septic line regularly serviced.

Q: How Long Do Septic Tanks Last?

A: Concrete and fiberglass or polyurethane septic tanks are designed to last about forty years, with steel tanks (though rare and mainly found in older homes) lasting about twenty.