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7 Questions To Ask Your Orinda, CA, Plumber About Rooter Services

July 28, 2023
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7 Questions To Ask Your Orinda, CA, Plumber About Rooter Services

Don’t Get Left In The Dark When You Have A Plumbing Issue

When your Orinda, CA, home has a plumbing issue, it can be a considerable worry. After all, any plumbing problem can become significant and lead to drain issues and other worries. 

Many of these problems seen in the East Bay area require rooter services. This is one of the older areas in the state, and we have beautiful and plentiful trees to prove it.

Plumbers offer rooter services to help with roots that may end up in a home’s sewer lines or drains. However, not all rooter services are created equal – and you will find that not all plumbers know how to provide these services effectively.

If you feel your home needs rooter services, we have compiled a list of seven questions you can ask your potential plumber to determine if they are up for the job!

1. Will There Be A Huge Mess In The Yard After The Job Is Done?

One of the most significant issues that many Orinda, CA, homeowners find with plumbers who provide rooter services is the magnitude of the mess left behind. There are tons of plumbers who will dig up your entire yard to find the issue.

While you should expect there to be some areas of your yard that are dug up, what you should not have to deal with is having to put the yard back to rights yourself. Unfortunately, several plumbers may remove the root issue and disappear, leaving you with a ton of yard work.

If the plumber states that they will put everything back to the way it was once they finish the job, you can feel better about hiring them to handle your root issue.

2. How Do You Provide Line Inspections?

Believe it or not, not every plumber will inspect the line. However, without this critical step, they are guessing what the issue may be. Do you want to be the one footing the bill with a guessing game?

Absolutely not! That is why you should ask how they will inspect the lines. Ideally, you want a plumber who will complete this step in the least invasive way possible with a tiny camera and cable that can go into your sewer or drain lines.

3. What Are The Signs Rooter Service Is Needed?

Asking a plumber about the signs that showcase rooter services being needed is a test. You want a plumber willing to talk to you about what issues you are experiencing – you want one who knows what they are talking about!

For your reference, some signs of needing rooter services include the following:

  • Water not draining properly from your sinks and tubs
  • Water backup in sinks and tubs
  • Areas of waste in your yard
  • Smells coming from drains

Ideally, you want your plumber to talk about the signs and to check your home to determine if rooter services are needed.

4. Is Drain Cleaning Something To Do Routinely For Maintenance?

Drain cleaning is one of those items that you may want to add to your maintenance list once a year or so. It can help keep your system running efficiently, and it can often help remove the smell many people complain of.

Ask your potential plumber if drain cleaning is something they offer and recommend. Those plumbers who are serious about keeping Orinda, CA, homes up to date and their plumbing running efficiency will often provide drain cleaning as part of their maintenance tasks.

5. Could Hydro Jetting Be Used To Help Clear A Pipe Clog Or Rooter Issues

Hydro jetting uses pressurized water to clean out a pipe that is clogged. So, yes, it could be used to fix an issue with a pipe, whether it is clogged due to debris or roots.

Keep in mind hydro jetting is not offered by every plumber. However, it can be a mess-free way to get your pipes cleaned out. Hydro jetting may be a great way to maintain a plumbing system as it can clean out debris before it causes clogs.

6. Is There Any Type Of Warranty Offered On Work Done?

If a warranty or guarantee of some type is offered, it will show you that the plumber stands behind their work. Most plumbers providing any type of work will offer some type of warranty on the installation of new materials.

7. Are Tree Roots The Only Worry To Have About Drain Lines?

Absolutely not! Tree roots, or any large root of any plant planted near your drain line, are always a concern. However, a drain line may also need some TLC for other issues.

For example, old drain lines can collapse and leak wastewater into your yard. In these cases, while rooter services are unnecessary, you need the pipe replaced. In addition, what you put down your lines can lead to clogged lines that disrupt the flow of your system.

An experienced plumber will be able to provide you with all this information when asked.

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