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Rooter Services: A Valuable Tool For Orinda, CA, Homeowners

July 10, 2023

Rooter Services: A Valuable Tool For Orinda, CA, Homeowners

What Are Rooter Services & Why Do You Need Them?

Every Orinda, CA, homeowner will tell you there is more to owning a home than mowing the yard and keeping it looking great. Plumbing and sewer issues are just one aspect homeowners have to handle when situations arise.

You may require rooter services when plumbing or sewer issues arise in your East Bay area home. Every plumber does not offer rooter services, but it is a service you need to be aware of when the time comes.

What Are Rooter Services?

Ultimately, rooter services address the issues caused by tree roots when they invade sewer or plumbing lines. However, if you have a clogged drain or water line, rooter services can address more than just tree roots. 

Initially, the tool used for rooter services was designed to attack the roots. Believe it or not, it was made from a washing machine motor and roller skate wheels. A long steel cable was threaded on the wheels to let it go into the pipe without removing a large section.

As technology advanced, rooter services began to take care of roots, stubborn clogs, and situations in which someone in your home flushes something they should not!

Situations In Which Rooter Services Are Needed

There are several situations where your rooter services may help get your Orinda, CA, home running smoothly once again. For example:

  • Your sewer drain no longer allows wastewater to empty as tree roots have grown into the pipe, causing a massive clog.
  • Old pipes in your home have so much sludge that an impenetrable wall does not allow water to pass freely.
  • Severely old pipes have collapsed, and the debris needs to be removed so waste can flow again.

Ultimately, your trained plumber will decide if your situation will benefit from rooter services or if other plumbing techniques will need to be used.

When To Find Rooter Services For Your Problems

The big question that many homeowners in Orinda, CA, ask is when the right time is to call in a rooter specialist. After all, you want your drains open and running freely, so if you call the wrong professional, that means more time dealing with the issue.

Luckily, a trained rooter professional is also a plumber. However, not every plumber is trained in rooter services. Thus, find someone who does both to get the best of all worlds when you have issues with your home.

But when should you call in a rooter specialist for your home? If you want to avoid a potentially massive mess inside your home, it is time to call the professionals at the first sign of issues with your drains or water lines.

Remember, if your drain lines become clogged with roots, wastewater can pool into your yard and even backup into your home. If your water lines are no longer delivering water, or the water is somehow not as clean as it once was – it can mean having no drinking water, not being able to clean dishes or clothes, and forget having your hot shower to relax.

In these situations, it is always best to call for a professional rather than trying to fix the problem yourself. Attempting any type of rooter or plumbing DIY can be a recipe for disaster.

What To Expect When Your Plumber Uses Rooter Services

For many homeowners, utilizing rooter services is something new for them. They have never had to use these professionals, so they may have hundreds of ideas floating in their minds about what will happen.

However, using rooter services is much easier than you may imagine. While many people imagine giant bulldozers rolling into their pristine yards to dig up everything, that is often not the case.

Thanks to the advancement in rooter services, a tiny hole is often dug to access the drain line or waterline, causing the issues. From there, the rooter tool is placed into the line to help remove any roots that may be growing into the line.

Once removed, the tool is packed back into the plumber’s truck, and the small hole in the yard is fixed. Simple as that – without a huge mess or hassle.

The entire yard may only be dug up if the roots have done more damage than what can be fixed. If the lines must be replaced entirely, then the heavy machinery may have to come out to play. However, any plumber should ensure they put your yard back to as good as perfect once they are done.

Get A Free Estimate For Your Orinda, CA, Rooter Service Needs

If your drain lines or water lines in your Orinda, CA, home are giving you issues, rooter services could be needed. Luckily, we are trained to provide rooter services that can have your pipes flowing freely again.