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September 26, 2023

Avalon Rooter Is Proud To Be The East Bay’s Problem-Solving Plumbing Company

We’ll Never Ask You To Settle For A Quick Fix When There’s A Better, Long-Term Solution.

At Avalon Rooter, our number one goal is to solve problems. That’s the long and short of it. We truly want to help our Richmond, CA, customers with their plumbing, gas, and sewer problems. Unfortunately, that makes us a RARITY in the East Bay plumbing and rooter business.

Other rooter companies are all too happy to take your money over and over again, providing the same quick-fix service every time. They get a repeat customer and your problem NEVER gets solved….

Don’t Waste Your Money On Quick-Fix Solutions From Shady East Bay Rooter Companies

Rooter work and drain cleaning is where we often encounter this problem. The rooter company will come back time and again to remove your root intrusions to prevent blockage in your sewer line.

This is great…for a SHORT while. Inevitably, you will have more root intrusions and debris buildup, and when you do, your shady rooter contractor will come back and repeat the procedure and collect your money.

Believe it or not, there IS a better way….

Taking The Time To Diagnose & Problem Solve

We take our time when it comes to inspections and diagnostics. Why?

Because it’s the only way to know for certain what the problem is. There’s no point in removing root instructions every few months if there is something that can be repaired or replaced that will prevent the problem from coming back indefinitely.

When we inspect your sewer or plumbing system, we do it THOROUGHLY. Our process ensures that we don’t miss anything, which means you get an actual solution to your problem, not a patch-up job.

Making Sure We’re Actually Getting To The Root Of The Issue

If any component of your sewer, plumbing, or gas line system has the same problem over and over again, it means the real problem isn’t being addressed.

That’s why we test, re-test, and then test again to make sure every component of your system is up to par. To go back to our previous example, if your sewer line constantly has root intrusions and debris, it is likely riddled with holes, cracks, or other problems.

In those cases, sewer line replacement might make more sense than paying the same contractor for rooter services multiple times a year.

For us, it’s never about selling you a product or service that you don’t need. It’s about providing you with an effective, permanent plumbing solution.

That’s why we only use superior materials and products.

It’s also why we put such an emphasis on meticulous, precision workmanship because a job done right the first time won’t require frequent maintenance calls.

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