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Avalon Rooter: The Best In Hydrojetting
For Your El Cerrito, CA, Home’s
Plumbing System

Keeping Your Pipes
Clean And Clear

Avalon Rooter offers the best hydrojetting for your El Cerrito, CA, home. While this service may sound unfamiliar to many, it’s essential to how Avalon Rooter keeps your home’s plumbing system clean and blockage-free.

Hydrojetting is used to scour tough buildup from the inside of your pipes by spraying thin jets of water at high pressures to cut through the toughest clogs, not unlike pressure washing.

Avalon Rooter uses the latest hydrojetting technology with our trusted Brute 3012/4009 Mountable and Van SKID Jetters. Our 100-gallon tank-mounted jetters fit onto our truck and can maneuver around tight spaces, ensuring we can hydrojet your pipes clean no matter how tight the space is.

The tough, built-on sludge inside your pipes is no match for Avalon Rooter’s hydrojetting services. Our reliable service and honest, friendly technicians have made us El Cerrito, CA’s top choice for several years.

We Offer Superior Hydrojetting To
El Cerrito, CA Homeowners

Plumber cleaning sewer with drainage snake

Our Hydrojetting Services

For the most thorough clean for your El Cerrito, CA home’s plumbing system, trust Avalon Rooter’s hydrojetting services. Hydrojetting involves pumping water jets at high pressure to cut through and scour away the toughest blockages in your sewer line.

We use only the best hydrojetting technology available, with our Brute 3012/4009 jetters that come in a mountable, portable unit to maneuver easily through crowded East Bay Area streets.

Hydrojetting is an essential service that delivers your sewer line’s deepest, most thorough cleaning. Clogged sewer lines are no joke, and since they’re underground and out of sight of El Cerrito, CA homeowners, major issues can arise when sewer lines are ignored.

Be aware that hydrojetting isn’t for every home. Older homes have aging pipes that could crack under the high pressure of hydrojetting, and if the pipes have already broken or collapsed in places, hydrojetting isn’t recommended.

Avalon Rooter uses hydrojetting for the toughest clogs to scour through the gunk. Don’t let your sewer line become vulnerable to larger – and costlier – problems.

Professional plumber cleaning drain

Choose Avalon Rooter: Honest, Reliable Service For
All Your El Cerrito, CA Home’s Hydrojetting Needs

A Valuable Resource For East Bay Area Homeowners

We Use Superior Materials

We only offer our customers durable materials that are a cut above the rest. We use what we know will get the job done and will continue to perform well into the future.

Honest, Reliable Service

Unlike many competitors, we don’t rely on high-pressure sales tricks to get business. Instead, we deliver friendly service, dependable expertise, and clear, transparent communication—no hidden fees or sales tricks needed.

We founded Avalon Rooter because we’d experienced first-hand what the other guys were pushing, and we decided it wasn’t for us. El Cerrito, CA homeowners deserve better than fast-talking salesmen and hidden fine print.

Honest, reliable service.

It’s everything Avalon Rooter stands for.

Expert Precision And Workmanship

Going the extra mile isn’t required. But neither is delivering the best service in the East Bay Area, or insuring our employees above the minimum requirements for the State of California.

But simply doing the bare minimum isn’t our thing. We at Avalon Rooter pride ourselves on going above and beyond so we can deliver the very best to homeowners. All our licensed, insured technicians are full Avalon Rooter employees – not subcontractors!

Here For The Community

Avalon Rooter has deep roots in the East Bay Area community, making us more conscious of how we treat our valued customers and employees.

Because most of us at Avalon Rooter have worked for other plumbing and sewage companies before, we’ve seen the damage that shady business practices and inferior treatment of employees and customers have done to the community.

That’s why Avalon Rooter was founded in the first place. We wanted to go in a different direction.

Reviews: Check Out What El Cerrito, CA, Homeowners
Have To Say About Our Services

Very Responsive And
Friendly Service

“Will and his crew inspected my sewer line and performed a sewer lateral inspection including pulling necessary permits and scheduling the test with EBMUD. Will was always very responsive and happy to explain and answer all my questions. It was one of the easiest contractor experiences I’ve had. I highly recommend it!”

Meagan N.

“I can’t recommend Will and his team from Avalon Rooter highly enough. They executed a really difficult sewer lateral replacement for my house in Oakland. Will was incredibly communicative and responsive through the whole process, and they left my property looking completely undisturbed. Thank you again!!”

Derek W.

“Will and his team did an excellent job replacing our home’s ~100-year-old, ~100ft-long sewer line. The project was quite large, requiring permitting from the city and digging into the street. Will pulled all the needed permits, worked through all the inspections, and kept the street open for the neighbors during the project. The pipe replacement work was of top-notch quality, they pressure-tested all the replaced pipes and did nice concrete work over the areas that had to be trenched. The line replacement comes with a 10-year warranty too!”

Alan T.

FAQs: 5 Common Questions El Cerrito, CA, Homeowners
Have About Avalon Rooter’s Hydrojetting Service

Q: Is Hydrojetting Anything Like Power Washing?

A: Hydrojetting is much like power washing, with a few differences. Just as power washing cuts through grime when washing a garage door or driveway, hydrojetting uses the same high-pressure water jets to scour through caked-on gunk inside your sewer line.

Q: Why Do Clogs And Blockages Form In My Sewer Line?

A: Over time, the sludge builds up in your sewer line from debris, including organic residue from dirt and tree roots and household debris such as hair buildup, soap residue, and more

Hydrojetting cuts through the blockage – no matter how hard or old – and leaves your pipes clean and clear.

Q: When Should I NOT Use Hydrojetting On My Sewer Line?

A: The worn pipes of older homes are vulnerable to cracking when exposed to high-pressure water jets, so avoid hydrojetting altogether if you live in an older home. The same goes if you have broken or collapsed pipes in any area.

Q: How Does Avalon Rooter Find Out
My Sewer Line Needs Hydrojetting?

A: Our certified technician gets a view of your sewer line by snaking a small camera into the pipes to better see the clogs and what they might be.

Not all blockages are created equal – built-up scale requires a different removal process than tree roots. Built-up scale can have hydrojetting applied right away, but tree roots must be broken up with a drain snake for hydrojetting to be more effective.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Hydrojetting?

A: Hydrojetting is extremely beneficial to your El Cerrito, CA, home’s sewer system in that it is:

  • Effective – hydrojetting is often seen as a last resort for the most stubborn clogs and blockages.
  • Thorough – hydrojetting gets parts of a clog that a drain snake can’t, such as the sides closest to the pipe walls.
  • Eco-friendly – hydrojetting uses water without chemicals, so in the event that a leak occurs, no harmful substances will be released into the soil.
  • Safe – hydrojetting is safe for both the technician and homeowner, with no large risks associated since no chemicals are used. It’s a win-win!