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East Bay Plumbing With NO Subcontractors

October 10, 2023

With Avalon, Your East Bay Plumbing Techs Will Be Real Employees, NOT Subcontractors

Trained, Full-Time Plumbing Techs Deliver Better Results For The East Bay Homeowners We Serve. Period.

At Avalon Rooter, we are a close-knit team who all share the same basic values of trust and accountability.  It’s why we tend to attract hard-working, trustworthy people to be a part of our team of East Bay plumbing and sewer specialists.

Because we want to KEEP them and deliver a consistently top-tier plumbing and rooter experience for the East Bay homeowners we serve, all of our technicians are real employees and part of our permanent staff.

We Have High Workmanship & Service Standards

Our standards are high–especially when compared with the unprofessional standards of some of our competitors in the East Bay…not to mention any names.

This applies to both our workmanship AND our service.  The only way we can ensure quality control and maintain our standards for Precision Workmanship and 5-Star Service is to employ a crack team of talented in-house employees.

For us, subcontractors just won’t cut it.  Some might be okay, but there’s ZERO chance they’ve been trained on our specific practices.

Ongoing Training & Oversight Means Better Results

We are all about the “practice makes perfect” philosophy here at Avalon Rooter. That’s why we train and train and train our new hires until they are seasoned plumbing professionals.

You don’t want an inexperienced general contractor replacing your sewer line.  You need a team of skilled, knowledgeable sewer technicians who know this business like the backs of their hands.

At Avalon, we have our most experienced pros training our newer technicians each and every day with real on-the-job-training. It’s how we are able to maintain superb and consistent quality on every single plumbing and sewer project we take on.

Our Employees Stick With Us Because We Take Care Of Them

Another reason we choose this employment model over using subcontractors is loyalty. Our employees stick with us for years because they know we will take care of them and pay them fairly.

We don’t even have to rely on subcontractors to do our concrete work, since we’ve trained our own team to do a better job than most subs would.

Does this method cost a little more money than the standard subcontractor model?


Is it 100% worth it?


The peace of mind we get from knowing we have a rock-solid team on the job is well worth the extra money, as is YOUR peace of mind from knowing real professionals are handling your East Bay plumbing project.

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