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Few problems are as dreadful and immediately stressful as sewer issues. With Avalon Rooter, you can depend on us for prompt, efficient sewer services for your Kensington, CA home.

When you choose Avalon Rooter for your home’s sewer services, you also choose precision, perfection, and the absolute highest quality in the East Bay Area.

Most of our technicians have worked with other plumbing companies, and we didn’t like what we saw. High-pressure sales tactics, indifference to the homeowner’s needs, and prioritizing making a sale over solving problems are NOT what Avalon Rooter stands for.

That’s why we’re here today – to offer nothing but the best to our homeowners.

We Deliver Superior Sewer Services To
Kensington, CA, Homeowners

Cast iron and PVC sewer pipe

Sewer Services

Few household problems cause as immediate panic and damage as sewer problems. That’s why Avalon Rooter offers prompt service to take care of all your Kensington, CA, home’s sewer needs.

Sewer Inspection

We pride ourselves on delivering fair and accurate sewer inspections. Unlike dishonest companies who encourage their technicians to “find” problems and recommend unnecessary repairs, you can rest assured that Avalon Rooter conducts sewer inspections with the utmost integrity.

Sewer Line Replacement

As with each of our services, Avalon Rooter goes above and beyond to provide the best and most reliable sewer line replacements.

Only the best will do when it comes to replacing your sewer line. At Avalon Rooter, there’s no such thing as “close enough” or “almost perfect.” Even the smallest cracks can grow into major issues that can lead to complicated and costly repairs.

Sewer Pump Installation

When sewer pumps break down, hiring an amateur can quickly turn an unpleasant situation into an all-out catastrophe.

Trust the experts at Avalon Rooter to provide smooth, professional service and expert installation.

Plumber replacing sewer line

Avalon Rooter: Serving The Sewer Needs Of Kensington,
CA, Homeowners With Pride And Integrity

Our Work Speaks For Itself!

Precision Workmanship

While our company may be younger than most in the East Bay Area, all our technicians have at least ten years of experience in the plumbing industry. Our experienced professional technicians deliver the best service, never settling for less-than-perfect plumbing and sewer solutions.

Our Core Values

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our strict code of ethics. Most of our technicians had previously worked in companies that focused more on making sales than solving problems, which wasn’t what we wanted to do.

That’s why Avalon Rooter puts the customers’ needs first.

We stand for honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We Use Only The Best Materials

Too often, inferior companies take advantage of the fact that plumbing and sewer lines are underground and install cheap, poorly made materials that the homeowner never sees.

That’s not what Avalon Rooter stands for.

You can count on us to use only the very best materials in all that we do – and nothing less!

Reviews: See What East Bay Area Homeowners
Have To Say About Our Services

Always Satisfied Customers

“We had a backup in our shower/tubs and needed help. Avalon Rooter was able to send someone the same day! Evan was on time and friendly and fixed our problem so fast. We also had a sleeping toddler while he was here, and she didn’t even wake up! We are so grateful for the fast resolution of our issues and the lack of disruption to our lives. Thanks, Avalon Rooter!”

Angel Z.

“I’ve called on a few different plumbers this past year, but none quite hit the mark. I think I’ve finally found my forever plumbers. Communication was clear, appointments were kept, and best of all, Evan, who was assigned to us, was knowledgeable, personable, straightforward, did the job swiftly, and did not rip us off by suggesting replacements we didn’t need. He fixed both issues efficiently, and we were happy with Avalon Rooter’s service. Thank you!”

Sam B.

“Will and the Avalon Rooter crew did a complicated sewer lateral job at our newly purchased home. They were thoughtful, courteous, and professional. They clearly explained all the work that needed to be done, asked for our input whenever a choice needed to be made, and went the extra mile repeatedly to ensure we were happy with the work. They are wonderfully easy to work with and communicate very well. I’ll use their services for all my plumbing needs, and you should, too!”

Russ G.

FAQs: 4 Common Questions Kensington, CA, Homeowners
Have About Our Sewer Services

Q: Why Are Sewer Inspections So Important?

A: In the East Bay Area, your house has to comply with the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) before you can sell or renovate your home or even upgrade your water meter.

Q: How Do I Know If My Kensington, CA, Home Has A Sewer Problem?

A: There are several signs to look for if you think your home may have a sewer problem, including:

  • Sunken patches in your lawn
  • Greener grass patches
  • Frequent clogging
  • Toilets backing up
  • Increase in pests
  • Gurgling noises
  • Slow draining
  • Sewage odor
  • Mold

Q: What Is The Warranty On Sewer Line Replacement?

A: We have a 10-year warranty on sewer pipes.

Q: Can I Use The Bathroom During Sewer Work?

A: The answer to this question is it depends. If we’re replacing your sewer line or a sewer tank, no water should go down the drains while our technicians are working. Once our team is finished, then it’s safe for water to go down the drains.