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Precise, Reliable Plumbing & Rooter Services
For Oakland Homeowners

Here’s Why Avalon Rooter Is The Bay Area’s Clear Choice For Everything
From Routine Plumbing Maintenance To Sewer Line Replacement.

Oakland has no shortage of plumbing and rooter companies. If you want trustworthy, precise, effective plumbers, though, the selection becomes slim. Fortunately Avalon Rooter is here to clear the air AND your sewer line.

Our reliable, trustworthy technicians are pros at their respective fields. Our plumbers are prompt, hardworking, and knowledgeable enough to handle any plumbing problem that might come their way.

And our sewer technicians are helpful, insightful, and able to respond to any Oakland sewer problem that may arise.

Whether You Have A Clogged Drain Or Even A Major Leak, We Will
Solve Your Plumbing Problems FOR GOOD

Don’t wait until a tiny leak has become a massive one. Call Avalon Rooter for prompt, thorough diagnostics and solutions that LAST. At Avalon Rooter, we don’t do quick fixes like a lot of other plumbing companies do. Our goal is to fix the problem once and for all, so you DON’T have to call us again to fix the same problem.

Thorough Inspections And Top-Quality Rooter Services

Our inspections are thorough enough to uncover ANY blockages, protruding roots, or other issues with your sewer line. So, if we tell you it’s all clear, you can feel confident in your sewer line’s ability to function flawlessly.

On the flipside, if we do encounter a problem, we provide you with the photos documenting what we’ve found and explain what we think the best course of action is. Unlike some of our competitors, our recommended solutions are designed to be LONG-LASTING. We never offer quick fixes because we know they won’t work in the long haul.

Why Avalon Rooter & Plumbing?

Superior Materials

At Avalon Rooter & Plumbing, we believe in ONLY using the best products and materials for the job. From our piping and fittings to our tankless water heaters, we have selected the best materials and brands for ANY Oakland plumbing or sewer project.

Precision Workmanship

Our technicians are professionals, not amateur handymen. We take pride in our workmanship, and we ALWAYS make sure everything is completed to utter perfection. No corners cut here.

5-Star Service

We’re here to help keep your home in ship shape. More importantly, we’re here to help you PERIOD. That’s why we put service first in everything we do. We want YOU to have the best experience possible, whether we’re replacing your sewer line or unclogging a drain.

Core Values

We value integrity and respect above all else. We apply that principle to EVERYONE we encounter from our employees to the homeowners we serve. No matter what we do, we strive to do it with integrity.

Company Culture

Our company culture is centered around our amazing employees and the community we serve and live in. We love the East Bay and can’t believe we get to spend every day helping homeowners in our beautiful community.

Sewer Services We Offer In Oakland, CA

Sewer Inspection

We offer thorough sewer inspections, AND we have the experience and knowledge to help you get a Certificate of Compliance if your community requires one for the East Bay PSL. Dealing with the city can be a stressful process, but we know what we’re doing and will make it as simple as possible.

Septic Tank Replacement

If you see signs of your septic tank leaking or water pooling in your yard, hire professionals to inspect the situation.

Sewer Line Replacement

Sometimes we have to replace your entire sewer line or sewer lateral. It’s not fun, but we know how to do it without disturbing your property AND in a way that will ensure it lasts for years to come.

Sewer Pump Installation

Sewer pumps are necessary if the steepness of your property is too great for a traditional, gravity-powered sewer line. Have no fear because our sewer pumps are the best on the market and are designed to LAST.

Plumbing Services We Offer In Oakland, CA

Plumbing Repairs

Whatever your plumbing repair needs, Avalon is here to help. Our plumbers are experienced and respectful, and our materials and techniques are unmatched. For us, every single pipe and connection point is CRITICAL, and there is no such thing as cutting corners.

Water Service Line Replacement

In most cases, water service line replacement will be your best option when dealing with water delivery issues in your home. Even if you have noticed slow-running water, you may find that water service line replacement is needed.

Drain Cleaning

We don’t do superficial drain cleanings. We make sure we get EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to call us again anytime soon. Any obstructions, whether roots, debris, or sludge, is no match for our ultra-thorough drain cleaning techniques.

Tankless Water Heaters

When it comes to tankless water heaters, we’re a little picky. We ONLY install Navien brand tankless water heaters. Why? Because they’re the best on the market and they last longer than any other brand we’ve worked with.

Rooter Services

There are plenty of options when it comes to rooter companies…unfortunately, there aren’t many GOOD options. We don’t do things the way some of our competitors do because when we remove roots and debris, we get EVERY last bit and leave your property looking like we were never there.

Gas Line Replacement

Whether you need a new dedicated line for a tankless water heater, a new gas stove, or anything else, call Avalon Rooter today. We ONLY use Tracpipe by OmegaFlex because it’s both flexible and durable. We wouldn’t trust anything less for your gas line.

Hydro Jetting

Avalon Rooter’s new service is hydro jetting. It offers amazing results, removing tough clogs in sewer lines that may have once required digging up the entire line. We can direct the force into the pipe where the clog is located using high-pressure water to ensure your sewer line runs properly.

Oakland Plumbing & Rooter FAQ’s

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, our estimates are free, unless we need to do diagnostic work, such as cutting through a wall to access your pipes.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

We are available anytime between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. We promptly respond to all inquiries received after hours or over the weekend first thing the following business day.

Do You Offer Financing?

We have recently begun offering financing through Wisetack Consumer Financing. You can learn more about their offerings on our finance page.