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When Your Oakland, CA Home Is Not Draining
Properly – Sewer Services Are A Must

Trusted Sewer Services You Can Rely On

A properly running sewer system in your Oakland, CA, home is imperative to feel comfortable and for your overall health. If a clog or sewer line break occurs, sewage and wastewater could be exposed to harmful toxins and structural damage. Luckily, the pros at Avalon Rooter can help you get back on track quickly and efficiently.

A sewer issue can be frustrating to deal with – it impacts everything in your home. Imagine not being able to flush your toilets, wash dishes, or even run your washing machine because of a faulty sewer system. Therefore, if you suspect an issue with your sewer system, you can’t afford to wait – call the experts.

Sewer Services Offered By Avalon

Here at Avalon, we offer several different sewer services to fit the needs of all our Oakland, CA, customers. So, no matter your problem, we have a solution that will correct it.

Sewer Inspection

During our sewer inspections, our experts will look at your sewer lines to find any potential issues. We use video equipment to look inside the line and search for root intrusions, breaks, or clogs.

If we find something, we will investigate to see what the issue is and offer proven and effective solutions to fix it.

Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer lines don’t last forever – even if you’ve maintained them properly over the years. As time passes, your lines can break down, and leaks can form.

One of the most common symptoms of a faulty sewer line is a smell in and around your home. Additionally, you may even find that the drains in your home are slower than normal.

If your sewer lines need replacing, our team can help. We have years of experience helping solve Oakland, CA’s toughest plumbing and sewer problems with ease.

Sewer Pump Installation

The sewer pump in your home is like the heart of your entire system – so when the pump no longer works properly, it can cause a total system failure. A sewer pump has the job of moving sewage into the lines – often in homes that do not have enough slope to let gravity do its job.

We offer sewer pump repair and installation services to ensure that sewage backup in your Oakland, CA, doesn’t happen.

Why Do People Choose To Work With Us?

Here at Avalon, we are all about being honest with our work – which we know is not what people expect from a plumber. But we want to rewrite the script on the plumbing industry – one job at a time.

When we address sewer issues in your home, we give you straightforward answers, don’t try to upsell you for something you may not need, and ultimately get your problem fixed as soon as possible. Our dedication to providing trustworthy and speedy service has made us the go-to plumbers that people in Oakland, CA, call us when they have an issue.

FAQs About Sewer Services

Can Putting Chemicals Down The Drain Help Prevent Sewer Issues?

Chemicals of any kind are something you should rely on only sometimes. If you find that you are having your drains back up repeatedly, then it could be a sign of a major sewer line clog. In many cases, chemicals will not be enough to clean the clog out of the line.

What Type Of Warranty Do We Offer On Sewer Work?

We do offer a warranty on the sewer work we do. Our guarantee is going to cover all the connection points and the materials that we use. We cover the repair cost if an issue arises with the connection or pipe we installed.

In addition, the warranty is going to last for ten years. Even if you move, the warranty will still be there for the new homeowner.

Can The Bathroom Be Used When Sewer Work Is Taking Place?

It depends upon what is being done in your home. However, if we are replacing the sewer line, we ask that you do not put any water down the drains or flush your toilets while we work to ensure the work environment is safe for our plumbers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Will and his team did an excellent job replacing the ~100-year-old, ~100ft-long sewer line at our home. The project was quite large, requiring permitting with the city and digging into the street. Will pulled all the needed permits, worked through all the inspections, and did a good job keeping the street open for the neighbors during the project.
The pipe replacement work was top-notch quality. They pressure-tested all the replaced pipes and did nice concrete work over the areas that had to be trenched. The line replacement comes with a 10-year warranty too!”

Alan T.

“Will was highly responsive, and he and his team quickly found and repaired a leak in our sewage line that had been causing significant problems. Courteous and professional.. Highly recommend.”

Louis A.

“I can’t recommend Will and his team from Avalon Services highly enough. They executed a really difficult sewer lateral replacement for my house in Oakland. Will was incredibly communicative and responsive through the whole process, and they left my property looking completely undisturbed. Thank you again!!”

Derek W.