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Orinda, CA, Gas Line Upgrades To Keep Your
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Precision Is Key When Dealing With Gas Lines

Many Orinda, CA, homeowners have gas lines running into their homes, controlling their heating, hot water, and cooking appliances. While natural gas may be considered more eco-friendly, not keeping your gas lines up-to-date can be a recipe for disaster.

Gas leaks can be a massive issue for any East Bay area homeowner – and they can potentially be deadly. After any type of earthquake in the area, the gas lines are one of those vital elements that could have been affected.

Luckily, whether you need a gas line replaced or upgraded to ensure your home is safe, we are here with the precision and quality work to make it happen.

Our Gas Line Services

Our gas line services at Avalon are all about keeping your system working correctly and ensuring your home is safe. Whether your home needs a checkup on the gas line or you want to replace it, we can do it all.

We have added new lines dedicated to tankless water heaters and new lines for new construction homes.

Upgrading existing gas lines to something more appropriate for our area is one of our most prominent services. Many people want to ensure their gas lines are running the best for their pipes and are ready to handle whatever is thrown their way.

This is why we use certain products when upgrading a gas line. We only use the OmegaFlex Tracpipe.

Why We Use OmegaFlex Tracpipe

Traditional gas lines are rigid and inflexible. However, with the weather we see in the Orinda, CA, area, rigid pipes often get broken when bad weather hits and shakes the house.

That is why we only install OmegaFlex Tracpipe. These pipes handle lightning, earthquakes, and other natural occurrences. While nothing is 100% foolproof against Mother Nature, OmegaFlex Tracpipe is the closest you can get.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

We are recommended to others for several reasons and have customers who have been with us since the beginning. We believe in using superior materials in every project we handle, as only the best materials will hold up to the area and perform as they should.

Coupling this with our dedication to precision on all things we work on means your home is in good hands when it comes to anything gas-line-related.

Our core values are honesty in everything we do, integrity, reliability, and treating our customers with respect. When we say we will get the job done, regardless of how difficult it may be, we will do it!

Being dependable and reliable is an everyday process for us as we take the idea of plumbing to the next level when it comes to customer service.

FAQs About Gas Line Upgrades

When Is It Time To Upgrade A Gas Line?

You should have your gas line inspected after any significant weather event, such as an earthquake. But age is a deciding factor as well. Most gas lines last anywhere from three to ten years.

How Long Does A Gas Line Upgrade Take?

The time it takes to upgrade your gas line depends upon the location and the length of the line. Because of the location, those lines located in crawl spaces often require more time. We can give you an estimate of the time it will take once we see your individual situation.

How Often Should Gas Lines Be Inspected?

Your gas lines will need to be inspected at least every four years. However, always have it inspected if an earthquake has occurred. Many people find more peace of mind when they have annual inspections.

Can New Lines Be Added To Make Your Home More Efficient?

Yes, if you have all electricity throughout your home, you can install new gas lines for your water heaters, stoves, and other appliances to make these more energy efficient. It has been shown that gas appliances use less energy than electric units.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Professional, courteous, available over the holidays, timely and excellent communication.

“I have used Avalon Services on three separate occasions for three different issues and am extremely satisfied with their work.”

– Todd M.

“Avalon was very professional and capable and did every task perfectly while showing great consideration for our busy commercial tenants’ operations. They showed up when they said they would, completed every step of the operation as described, and billed us accurately as was proposed.”

– Bonnie F.

“These guys are great. Friendly AND competent. It would not hesitate to recommend them for any plumbing job.”

– David A.